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24-06-2013, 19:01

If you want to have a close community and a game where people can chat and become friends, you should make a real town or marketplace in the middle of a place like: lake town. FISHAO really could use this because chatting/trading with other people is one of the things that you can do in the game. All other games have this too, like:

Varrock - RuneScape
Stormwind - World of Warcraft
Main Town - Club Pingu´n
etc etc.

I think you guys really need to make a small town or marketplace where people can come together when they are out of energy. It can also be a place to trade and chat with other people.

PS: You can also put some NPC's in the town where you can start quest and such! :D

With kind regards,

24-06-2013, 19:05
We are just abit more than a week into the Closed Beta! :) We never know what the future will bring us :D

24-06-2013, 19:06
Well, I think it's a really good idea to make a marketplace where people come together. It will give a better atmosphere to the game. Players also want to do something else when their energy is being restored. ;)

24-06-2013, 23:05
Of course Hello, but this is just the first version of the game! I'm sure your hope will be fulfilled within the upcoming months and years. ;-) Actually we have a big update list with a lot of awesome stuff upcoming.

16-07-2013, 13:23
I think one important thing is to have something for players to do when they are out of energy. I think that will also help new players to give the game a fair chance if they see a larger number of people logged in continously.

16-07-2013, 20:16
You're completely right Salty! We'll add more features in the upcoming months.

- Jin

30-12-2013, 16:29
Are you guys working on this idea?