View Full Version : fishao rod more expensive? im saving coins for months now/////

11-03-2014, 20:32
Dear fishao team,
I am saving fishcoins for months now. I am almost half way now.
I am terribly horrified by the idea that this rod is going to be more expensive,
how much more do i have to pay or in other worsds,.how long do i have to collect fishcoins to get this rod....
I disagree with you and hope you cen reconsider this a bit longer...
My respects,

11-03-2014, 20:35
Hello, mb2

I'm not sure if it's know yet, but instead of the FISHAO rod we will add a stronger (not infinite) rod that will be cheaper :)

11-03-2014, 22:55
what rod!?

11-03-2014, 23:14
Can't tell :o

13-03-2014, 10:11
Hello MB2,

I'm sorry for you, but creating such a game cost a lot of money and time. We're optimizing our prices and the FISHAO rod was still for sale for the beta price.

As JackBank said, some new rods will become available soon.


- Admin

14-03-2014, 10:37
how many rods will come at cheaper costs ?

16-03-2014, 10:26
You'll just have to wait to find out! :) That information is being kept secret for now.

22-10-2014, 20:31
1451 coins now, so im getting close for it now, ill show the ic when i get it readyt:p