View Full Version : Tournament bug or what?

15-03-2014, 13:25
How this is happening, the tourmanent started today, magic 15, at 3 pm, one player has finished without catching one fish, and the other it can be seen on image, the tourmanet started for about 1 minute668

15-03-2014, 14:36
It is a "location" bug, player can use it to become over there... But he can't "finish" for real cause there are server checks. So only if he catch 15 fish (like the other players) he will finish for real.

15-03-2014, 16:24
Let's say, but do not forget, on a simple search on google for example, it can be found some let's say "helpers", so maybe in the future you will find a way to avoid that, it can be closed