View Full Version : Not receiving any referral coins.

22-03-2014, 00:57
I am having an issue. Whenever I refer one of my friends and they hit level 10 it says under my referrals that i "received 5 coins" for each person who hit level 10 or whatever or 2 coins if level 7... However, I have not even received one coin when I look at my fish coins. I do not understand? Further, I got my girlfriend addicted on the game and she is level 19 and I have not even got +1 fish coin. As a matter of fact, I have not got a single fish coin for any person who has decided to play because of me... However with that being said it should be noted that I did recieved one fish coin for every 25 invites that I sent out. I just was not being compensated for the ones that decided to play. When will this issue be fixed and when will I be compensated?
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22-03-2014, 01:03
Oh.... It's one fish coin for each level over 15..... The issue then is that the "fishcoins earned" tab is incorrectly stating how many coins we have earned.