View Full Version : Just some of my ideas on how to improve Fishao.

11-04-2014, 21:56
1. I think the energy regeneration in the game is way too fast and that it should be slowed down. Instead, fish coins should be used to purchase these energies and not fish bucks. As a result, I imagine energy would become more valuable and people would find fishboxes would feel more excitement and that it is more rewarding as they find it. Further, More people would join
tournaments, because they have no energy and this would add to the social climate of the game while simultaneously bringing in more money.

2. It seems like catching all the fish in fishao is not so rewarding. Rather, it feels like every time one casts their rod they are losing valuable and difficult to earn fishcoins through using different bait. I propose that there should be a possibility of catching fishboxes and on an extremely rare occasion perhaps catching a fishcoin. This would encourage people to keep fishing.

3. Shell's should be increased in their spawn rate, and they should be lowered to around 25-30 shells for fish exchange. 50 is way too long and tedious, and I do not imagine people have fun competing for the limited to supply for a very short return on fish exchange. Instead people should be encouraged to work together to gather these shells with some form of social function. Perhaps add a "Group up" function where people can unite and share a percentage of shells that they find or even try to find them around the world within a give time set-- and share the % of it.

4. I find it extremely odd that as people level up they can use different forms of plugs, which cost precisely the same amount as a new person. They look different, but they have the same catch rate and serve the same purpose. It feels like they were just put there for no reason. I do not propose that we make the game "unfair" by giving added benefits to these bait, but I do believe something else should be available to be purchased as one increases in levels, such as perhaps added experence upon catching a certain type of fish (outside of tournament) or increasing the likelihood of a bite (outside of tournament) certain perks to increase ones experience in the world.

5. (Just a wacky idea) I was thinking that in every tournament people are competing against each other, and the house takes 25% of the coins. In other words, more people will lose than gain from tournaments. I was thinking perhaps add a game where people can essentially "team up" and try to beat a goal within a given amount of time. If they win, then they all receive a return on their (5 coin investment to enter) perhaps a 10 coin victory. I am not proposing that the challenge is made easy, but rather that people will have to unite with each other to accomplish a common goal.

The game seems to be geared for leveling up, but as one "levels up" it does not seem very rewarding. The functions in the game make people become your enemy as they are always viewed as competition. I propose that the gaming become more "social" as people will become more independent---relying on one another, to achieve a common goal.

Any one disagree or think differently?

11-04-2014, 23:02
Nice, I like it! :) I showed it to our admin :)

12-04-2014, 20:16
Thank you I appreciate that :) I love the game and the ideas around it, and I would love to somehow contribute to bringing in a larger player base and improving upon it ;)