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03-07-2013, 15:11
We should have leaderboard for various things.
We already have leaderboard for experience (level, to be precise), but I think that we should have leaderboard for World Records (Every fish would have it's own leaderboard showing top 5).
There should be leaderboards for the players who contributed the most (Paid most money, so that would be another good thing for them, and would attract them to pay more).

There should be many other leaderboards which all of us could suggest if you decide to accept this idea. I believe that this idea will enhance joyment of players in this game as they'd have something to compete for.

Best Regards,

03-07-2013, 22:52
Hello Anusic,

Im not convinced yet! ;) Maybe you or other people can brainstorm for more ideas? I do agree we can do a little bit more with rankings and leaderboards and make them more important. But I'm not sure how yet... :-)

- Jin