View Full Version : Refund tournament fee for unsuccessful Loading!

08-06-2014, 20:10
I propose and suggest the Game should give back full refund of 5 fishcoins for those players
whose computers did not successfully finish Loading into the tournament.

Yesterday I was in Czech server 1, and I joined the Magic15 tournament,
but my computer loaded till 96% and stopped!
The Unresponsive Shockwave Player Wait screen kept on popping up,
and I kept on clicking Wait, after more than 10min I gave up and restarted Fishao again,
but the tournament was over and 5 fishcoins were deducted from me :mad:

Today, I joined the Boat Tournamnet in US English server 2,
the same thing happened again!
After I restarted Fishao and login back to US English 2,
I won 2 fishcoins, guess I was last and placed 3rd in the tournament,
although I didn't load into the tournamnet completely at all.

The tournament system should have a monitoring program to capture
unsuccessful joining players and refund fully the 5 fishcoins tournamnet fee
back to them!

Thank you for your consideration :)

09-06-2014, 00:22
I totaly agree it happens to me many times and my fush coins are just gone !

09-06-2014, 16:17
Hello TKgoh,

If tournaments are being disconnected due to a server reboot, you will already get refunded your coins. Other disconnects during tournaments is usually a PC performance problem, (not enough GB RAM available) or a firewall that blocks some actions etc.

In any way, I refunded you 20 coins.

- Admin

09-06-2014, 19:05
In any way, I refunded you 20 coins.

- Admin

Thank you very much Admin for the double extra coins refund :)

09-06-2014, 20:25
Probaly they will complain like u tkgoh for getting double coins lol