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13-06-2014, 20:17
I have noticed since I have began playing that people become very aggressive, sometimes really rude, when collecting seashells. Maybe there should be another alternative or another area that seashells could be collected other than the beach, that way there are plenty to go around. I have seen many fights break out due to them. I have seen people follow people in order to steal from them, people in running shoes steal shells just as someone in normal shoes is about to get the shell, and I have also seen someone collect seashells in both manners and try to sell them to the person they stole them from...... I suggest either get rid of running shoes so that everyone must walk at the same pace or get rid of the seashells, because they are a big problem. Another suggestion I have is maybe limit the number of shells that one collects per day, that way once that persons quota is done other people can have their fair chance for some.

13-06-2014, 21:06
Fights over shells? That's weird and childish, just keep playing and don't let others disturbed/distract you.
Running shoes with the new price a lot of players can afford them now and yes it is some advantage but you can always collect shells in other time try to check when there are less players around.
I don't think that is rude to have running shoes, and you can pick shells even if you are slower for example stand in specific area and don't try to run to far shell with another player who have running shoes.

24-06-2014, 10:20
I love the idea of putting shells in another area, but also realize that there are no other beaches; however, my family and I often find shells from freshwater mollusks at the lake that we go to, so I would love to see some shells at one of the lakes :D

28-06-2014, 19:13
Since the seashells are traded for bait, why not have the option to collect bait in another area? Perhaps we could dig for or gather worms somewhere. (under the flowers in Lakeland or Rio)

28-06-2014, 23:30
I like your idea =)

29-06-2014, 00:23
We are not going to remove neither of them :) If people decide to get mad over few seashells then they need to calm down.

If you think it's a problem that people "steal" your fishshells simply go to another world

29-06-2014, 00:25
Closed due to a suggestion which will not be possible. If you'd like to collect shells without people bother you simply go to another world.

Thanks for playing