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22-08-2014, 06:07
With the introduction of the line and money tree there are some unhappy members of the fishao community. I think we should have monthly contests with prizes etc. There are a variety of ways to do this.

Example 1 Have a monthly contest for all members paid or not. So lets say the contest for September is to Catch as Many Fish in the 0-100 range as possible. This would allow even those with small rods/ lines to compete. Have different levels of prizes.

so lets say you catch 1000 fish in that range maybe you get 1 FC
5000 fish in range maybe you get 5 FC
10000 or more fish in range maybe you get 10 FC

this would encourage everyone to fish more.

Could have another month where the people who catch most fish in different ranges could win various prizes.

Could have one month be Laketown - whoever catches the most fish wins x and have different ranges - maybe charge a coin to enter for the upper levels but be better prizes....

Could have 1 star mth where most fish in mth caught at 1 star levels gets x 2 star level month etc...

These are just some ideas that might make those upset about the line a little happier

22-08-2014, 08:37
it`s really interesting and usefull for game idea,
only 1-5-10 - is to small prizes for month
5-25-50 will be more titbit to participate on

and it should be clear to view your success so we`ll need a special rank-filter in Profile-Rankings such as "Month Contest"
it`s make it more sportive too

22-08-2014, 09:47
The smaller prizes is if they award to everyone- not just top 3 so those small amts will add up if you give to everyone- would be cool to see a leaderboard like they have in siberia for top 10 fish

26-08-2014, 12:16
The prizes for top3 in a Monthly contest can also be formed as in tournaments -- for participation u have to sign in till.... 15-th of a month ... for 1 coin.
So we`ll have a prize-fund then divided in a percentage.
Also need a good-looking Trophhy-badge for number1 of course :)
Small prizes for top10-top30-top50 (it can depend of number of participants and possible to be annonced when last signing-in will be closed in 15-th) can be form of usefull items to encourage people to participate without affraiding to loose at all.

03-09-2014, 18:20
do you guys realize that you already get 1 FC per 1000 fish in global achievements? Also, you get 1FC per 1000 casts

04-09-2014, 18:54
so what? it`s not a competition - some people enjoy the competitions - the sport - the angling in that case
it`s a big pleasure to win - not to have some statistics or even coins
i always make some goals to gain because without them it`s boring

don`t know what to do after 120 lvl... wait till june to complete my pictures collections, trying to complete fishdex, or save for f-rod - it`s almost work )))) not fun, it`s a jogtrot... boring

so it`s good for players when the game can purpose some various targets - and the feelings of sportive contest usually bring a good reward for the organisators too ;)