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23-08-2014, 10:31
Extra-item in shop!

A goggle-glasses - with it a player become able to see when someone use a radar.
Design must be steampunky!


And it should be expensive enough cause it`s a cool gadget, an object of wish like running shoes i think.

and will be good if it not damage the hairs like hats do :o

23-08-2014, 12:20
Wow, cool!!!
I had the same idea.. Let me suppose some details. As far as we already have radars and can use it glasses should be not so strong.. For example, glasses shows not all possible places and every 2 hours it shows blue quality 1 time, 2 times it is white quality and green quality places other time.. with some random algorithm. And I want to offer also some head lamps (simple ones and a version with hard hat for players who prefer to wear hats; I mean a helmet-lantern) which will light up in night mode :)
Yeah, certainly, without any damage to hairs.. except a helmet-lantern.

23-08-2014, 15:39
Instead of Radar-capturing glasses, why can't you make "Radar Glasses" , which will be useful to locate Fishes. How will it work ? " when ever you are walking through the lake or any water and you look towards water it will indicate like Radar where there are fishes." We can buy this gadget from shop, like running shoes.

Also we can tune this gadget for 5* fishes finder, 4* fishes finder and all fishes common finder.... It must
be costly......gadget....since we can use it for life time.

23-08-2014, 15:53
but it will be so costly coz it will be forever like running shoes instead of that it shall work like radars only ie
2fc 7 min all fishes
5fc 15 min only rare fishes it will show

24-08-2014, 12:19
Don`t want of course - but maybe Radar-capturing Goggles can`t be endless and should have some amount of uses.
Time validity is uneligible cause it depreciate an item too much, it will not be cool like this.
And yes - big benefit must be costly to be rare and attractive.