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16-07-2013, 11:55

Many new players that I talk to are confused about the tutorial. Including some that I tried to refer to this game. And they decided not to continue due to the tutorial.

I think the main reason is that you have to keep the tutorial text/bubble visible as you do the tutorial, and then press "next" to go to next step and also get coins. But if it's closed while you do it, it won't work, and many players close it to be able to see better. A fairly common comment from a new player is "It tells me to stand close to water and I AM!". There next comment MIGHT be "screw this, this game is confusing", because people don't have to have much patience with games, they could easily pick another one.

So the first impression of a game is VERY important, which I'm sure you know ofcourse, but it is VERY important that the tutorial feels completely seamless. Wich it does not always do right now, in my and in some other peoples opinion. (Although I do love the game now, But I am a patient person)

As for myself, I also was confused about the tutorial and hence didn't complete it and didn't get my fishing license and some extra coins that I could have had from the start.

Bobs minigame should be a part of the tutorial for a couple of reasons, firstly you can only do it once and secondly it is another good way to get the feel of how the controlls work and how you pick up items, and another reason is that the extra coins gives you a really good start and keeps you going longer from running out of them, thus giving the player an initial bigger chance to discover more of the game in the start and also making them want to discover more... Which might keep their interest peaked

16-07-2013, 20:15
Hello Salty,

Thank you for your ideas. We already mention the tutorial problem, in the next update, probably by the end of this week we'll add some usability functions to the game. One of them is that we've removed the possibility to close the tutorial once you've started it; people will get less confused.

And yes, I will tell you about some other small usability updates too:
1. Tutorial close impossible before finishing it
2. Use chat during the fishing
3. The "bite" minigame will be better, you can't catch fish anymore by doing nothing
4. You will be able to chat in full-screen too

- Jin

16-07-2013, 20:59
Sounds great!

Looking forward to it!

26-10-2015, 17:49
How about fishing license now?