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04-09-2014, 12:36
I would like to suggest that the admins add a block button in addition to report-

Myself and several other people had someone spamming us multiple times in manner of minutes and only one of us could report her at a time then we got message report was already in process.

It started off with constant trade requests- and by constant i mean every 5 minutes . Then came the constant barrage of messages requesting I give her FB. Followed up by the incessant constant badgering of can you send this message to this person letting them know I am such and such a place.

These requests were made both in person and via private message.

Adding a block button would allow us the players the opportunity to eliminate someone aggravating us and wouldnt have to wait for mod to take action etc and when the same person gets blocked multiple times in hour should be special alert to mods.

Even though i reported said person they still continued to send me pm etc as well as several other people.

Most online games have a block feature where you can block someone who is harassing you.

04-09-2014, 12:41
i like your idea :)
i also suggest block button for trade and private messages where can block someone from trading and messaging :)

04-09-2014, 14:21
doesn't deleting them from friend list do the same thing?

OK, I now realise this only for the trade but can still rec PM's from anyone so (in lieu of a Moderator imposed chat/PM ban) a block button would be a good function to deal with annoying players.

05-09-2014, 02:41
Uncle Grandpa this would be for everything--

you can receive messages from anyone if on friend list or not- i want a block all button - block trade, block pm etc

06-09-2014, 01:10
Yes Courtney, I understand and agree yours is a good idea. I am surprised FISHAO allow PM's from players not on ones friends list, bad idea IMO.