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15-10-2014, 17:33
Almost everybody knows how to chat, but there are some extra bits of information that turned out to be useful to my fishao friends.

So here it is:

Easy: If you want to speak to others just hit "return" on your keyboard or click the picture of the speech bubble, left side of the control board.

Easy: Now you can type. Hit return again and your speech bubble appears above your head.

The space for your message is limited - for longer messages you should probably use the communication button


Important: If you speak 3 times and nobody answers your chat window is blocked and shows the text: Please wait a moment...


Don't be alarmed - it's meant to block spammers.
The moment someone speaks to you, the chat bubble is working again.
Or jump to another location, than you can speak again immediately.

If you missed what people told you, you want to read the chat history - just click the 3 dots above the speech bubble - you can read the last 3 lines that were spoken in your area.

Hoover over the lines - you can read the full text then.


And if you want to read more of the chat history just click-and-drag the 3 dots to the top.
Then you can read as much of the history as the height of your monitor allows (thanks megha!).



15-10-2014, 17:37
Nice guide pip :) & so many sofa wow ;)

15-10-2014, 19:14
Nice guide!!!