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20-10-2014, 11:14
Hi Admin

Is there anyway in which we could pay for the most expensive items and upgrades in installments

For example

I have a level 14 line and need to upgrade to level 15
224coins to upgrade to 15

when I have coins spare I could go pay some off the balance. I am no good at saving any type of money, as it burns a hole in my pocket, lol

And be able to do this with other expensive items/upgrades.

The coins would not be able to be taken back once an item has started being paid for you either continue or lose the coins, You don't get the item or upgrade until item is paid for and the tree and line upgrade time does not start untill the last coin is paid.

Thanks for reading

20-10-2014, 11:15
Sorry I've posted this in wrong thread how do I change it?

20-10-2014, 11:41
I moved it to "Feedback / Ideas". :)

20-10-2014, 12:26
Thank you Salty.

20-10-2014, 14:26
btw its a good idea

20-10-2014, 20:15
Hi Tina, I think this is an excellent idea, and one which I would like to use. Hope it is introduced to the game. Kay

20-10-2014, 20:44
haha yes great idea! like a little piggy bank!

21-10-2014, 01:05
I love this idea!