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24-12-2014, 09:27
Here for beginners, who can't do missions easily and they ask help. So, this guide will be helpful for them.

Learn FISHAO basics - you can do this mission very easily, just by finishing your tutorials.
Visit the fish market - Go to Pinheira beach and visit the fish market.
Sell a fish - Sell the fish that you caught at the tutorials or whatever, if you have any fish, just sell them.
Go to cool mountains - This mission is not so difficult, you need to be fishing and level up till 10, after that you can go to cool mountains and finish this mission.
Trade with another player - If you trade with any other person, you can complete this mission and receive 2 coins.
Go on a a raft fishing tour - You can finish this mission by going to Cool mountains (located in world map) and every 30 minutes the raft goes. You need to pay a fish coin and go raft and your mission is done.
Use a luck potion - The easiest method to finish this mission is, just use the luck potion which you received from the previous mission (Go raft on a fishing tour)
Trade shells with coral - Collect 50 shells in beach, and come to cool mountains, and give shells to coral, she will be in top of cool mountains.
Go to mystic desert - You need to fish for a while and complete this mission and reach level 20 and go to the unlocked area to complete this mission.
Fish in the pyramid - Every 24 hours you get free chance inside pyramid for 5 minutes, so any one day, throw your float there and complete this one.
Go to Sibiri city - You need to catch the Golden arowana inside pyramid. Use luck potion -2, and worms with good rod and go to the dream area > Sibiri city and complete the mission.
Use magic watch - use the magic watch in which you got from the previous mission (Go to the sibiri city)
Participate in a tournament - You can win this tournament by participating in any tournament.
Catch a Ariidae - You can catch it in mystic desert with Meat as best bait. If you don't have use dough.
Catch 3 fish - This one is so easy, I bet you can do it.
Decorate your home - Your home is located in rio tropical. Just go there and place a table.
Catch a Sockeye salmon - You need to go to raft in cool mountains and use Fish bait to finish this one.
Catch a Wels catfish - You need to go to raft in cool mountains and use fish bait to finish this one too.
Visit baker Jamie - He is located in Laketown.
Visit the trout farm - Trout farm is in laketown, you need to pay 3 coins to enter there.
Catch 10 fish - This one is easy, just use bamboo rod and dough in beach and be fishing.
Talk to breeder rex - He is located in your home backyard which is located in rio tropical. Just click him and your mission is done.
Change your character - You can change your character by clicking the round "settings" button. Then click "Character editor" and change your character ti finish this one.
Find and Visit the carps deco shop - It is located in laketown. You should find where it is.

Hope this much helps. If there is any thing wrong or spelling mistake from my site, please let me know in the comments. And if you need to complete any other mission than this, ask me. I've already done 63% missions.
Have fun! :)

24-12-2014, 10:18
good hard work..chiit...well done... (y)...

24-12-2014, 10:26
nice guide chitti

26-12-2014, 22:33
Ohh, thank you so much! congratulations for excellent guide :cool:

30-05-2015, 20:12
Good job! That must have taken a while to make!!! Also you get a prize after you complete a mission.

31-05-2015, 12:50
gud work sis:cool::cool:

01-06-2015, 17:36
Is this the "a lot of free stuff" that admin was referring to earlier on the trade forum topic? It sure doesn't seem like a lot to me and it looks like it will quickly be expended, so I will not gain anything after i complete these missions...................

08-06-2016, 00:52
Since you have to 'accept' a mission before you can get credit for completing it, does that mean you can ignore and it will eventually be replaced with a different mission?

I have 2 missions right now to win tournaments. (that will never happen) One is win one tourn and the other is win 5!!! (again, that will never happen)
So I accepted the win one before because I tried to ignore accepting a mission before for about a week and it never changed. So this time I am going to wait longer to see if I don't accept that mission (win 5 tournaments) will it go away and offer me a totally different mission?

If that is not how it works, then why do we have to accept it? It should just be there for us to complete. I have forgotten to accept the mission, completed it (like participate in tournament) but didnt get the credit for it because I forgot to accept it. So 5 fishcoins wasted, and it was wasted because I knew I wouldn't win anything back.

08-06-2016, 06:00
Unfortunately no missions do not go away or get replaced. You are stuck with those missions until you complete them

09-06-2016, 16:17
ok thank you. I have accepted the other mission to win 5 tournaments. Ugh. I guess I will have to wait until I have the ability to win tournaments to complete those missions. (Not looking forward to it though..its like a trip to the dentist ;) )

11-06-2016, 23:20
Can anyone who has completed quite a few missions tell me what I should expect to run into soon? My current missions are Win 5 tournaments, Win 10 tournaments, and catch an oscar. I should get the oscar soon. I am level 152 and have completed 67% of the missions. I not only want to know what comes soon, but what missions give out really good prizes a LOOOONG ways into the future.

The main reason I want to know is because it seems like I remember hearing that at some point there is a mission to get the different area badges and there is a large fishcoins prize. I am close to completing a lot of areas and I just completed mystic desert today.

11-06-2016, 23:56
the oscar can catch in the race tournament use spinner or fish
and the easy tournament is race tournament and lake run tournament u must use a better rod and magic watch then spinner for a good good bait

17-06-2016, 22:07
Excellent!! congratulations and thank you for the guide