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01-09-2013, 04:13
Just wanted to say some ideas I got :)

1. First I must say that I support someones idea for changing chat becouse this one I dont like much :p

2. Someone already said that we shouldnt lose our bait when nothing bites and I agree with that bait wont just get off the hook and go :-D and if u ever do this I think u should add some hooks becouse I dont like some 10cm fish taking bait I bought for bigger fish and already hard to get coins so I vote that this would be free like on level 10 you get 50cm+ hook and it never disapears on level 20 you get 75cm+ hook or something like that :-P

3. Would be nice if you add some more area achievements :)

4. Achievements like win 1/3/5/10 tournament would be nice aswell maybe of each type of tournament even better.

5. I dont know what your idea about this market is but it would be great if players could put items there and write price they want for it and other players buy it if they want :-) for example if I get from daily or fishbox or something some bait or somehing I dont need I would like to place it on market and sell it to some other player :-)

6. I think it would be nice if we get coins every lvl up for example 1-10 lvl we get 1 coin for every lvl up 11-20 we get 2 coins for every lvl up 21-30 3 and so on if its too much max it at like 5 or something. or something like this atleast becouse we need more coinssss :-D

7. I really think max energy should be higher than 15. atleast 25 or maybe raise 1 per level. with 15 every 30 minutes we need to log in and fish and I see how that is good for you :-p but if someone is already active and leveling I think he should be rewarded with higher max energy :)

8. I think raising tournaments reward would be good now to something like 1st 50% 2nd 30% and 3rd 20% or maybe should be 1st place 7-10 coins+5 that palyer payed to enter 2nd 5+5 and 3rd 3+5 or something like this becouse not many players are very active yet so many times I was in tournament only 2 people joined and even when I won I only got my 5 coins back and I used rod and bait. I like how it is now but I think it should be changed until more players start playing.
- same tournament from people from all servers might be good to do for now until more players come would be easyer to get 3 many times I joined tournament and there wasnt 3 people so it got canceled.
- some items as a reward on tournament could be nice for example 15 fish tournament like 75cm permanent rod xp tournament 100cm permanent rod lenght tournament 125cm permanent rod or something like this people would still buy bigger rods so this wouldnt change much
- tournaments should be in groups like 0-15 lvl 15-25 25-40 ( this was random xP ) or something and maybe rods I wrote about above should change for groups.
This rods might be too much atm tho but when more people come not many will get those rods but much more would try to get so much more ppl would play tournaments and it would be more interesting :-)
- or if u dont like that reward idea maybe give those rods for example win 25x 15 fish tournament for that rod and 25x other tournaments for other rods or something :-p
- Rods should ofc be non tradable items

9. I am currently lvl 18 and dont know if you get some reward for some levels but I think it should be added if there are none atleast for 5-10-15-20... levels some small things atleast like some bait on every ?5 and some rod on ?0 level or something :-P

10. I have only done 1 herbs quest for now and didnt noticed if I got some xp if it doesnt give would be nice if it gives some xp aswell as coins :-P

11. More people like Herb should be out there maybe some harded quests for some items maybe some extra long hard quest for some like special 300cm Rod that doesnt expire or something like that :-P

12. Also I think that Rods should have more "Throw-ins before worn out" like 50% more then atm :-)

13. Chat in trade window would be nice would be easyer to trade becouse now I would have to close trade just to ask something person that I am trading with and also got invited to trade some times and didnt know why I did and couldnt find out xD

14. I think nicks in friend list or on rankings aswell should be clickable

15. I think "Write a message" or something like this should be added with spot to write to who you are sending it becouse this way it is hard to send someone a message need to find them just to send them a message.

16. "Change Server" button or something like that should exist so we dont need to refresh just to change server :-)

17. Some items that give energy would be nice that could be given as a reward for some quests or something :-p

If I think of something else I will edit.
Sorry if something from my list someone already said I readed most of forum topics if not all but cant rememer everything :P
Hopefully not all of my ideas suck :-P
And sorry for long text and not very good english :-P


01-09-2013, 11:49
Those are some great ideas. Thanks! We will discuss all of them and see which one of them can be on the update list

01-09-2013, 17:40
Im glad you like them :p

02-04-2014, 22:24
i fully agree with points 13 to 16 and they all would be very helpful :o other ideas are mostly about advantages for players, but company have to earn money too :D so i dont think it could be realised

13-04-2014, 00:27
13-16 I totally agree. The others not so much. The energy regeneration is already super fast, but I do like the idea of adding incentives or more bonuses for leveling.