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01-09-2013, 07:25
Hey guys. So I've decided to make a little guide on the Trout Farm. This guide is for the new players so don't judge me.

The trout farm usually is the first area, new players go to, and even the veterans (achievements and goals). When you fish inside the farm, you gain more experience than the other fishing areas outside it, thus making it a good leveling place for new players.


Step 1: Lets do this Dora the explorer style!

On your world map, choose the Trout farm area located in the top center of the map.
http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag18/cyrilchronicles/a_zpscff35e25.jpg (http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/cyrilchronicles/media/a_zpscff35e25.jpg.html)

Step 2: Thanks Captain Obvious!

Once inside the area, walk towards the top until you find Adam (the guard) and a big fish sign with, Trout Farm. (This couldn't be more obvious)
http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag18/cyrilchronicles/aa_zps92e4a401.jpg (http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/cyrilchronicles/media/aa_zps92e4a401.jpg.html)

Step 3: Yes sir Mr. Officer, sir!

Before entering the farm, talk to Adam (the guard in the entrance) first. He'll explain the mechanics of the farm and will give you about an hour of game time inside it.
http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag18/cyrilchronicles/aaa_zps63da6272.jpg (http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/cyrilchronicles/media/aaa_zps63da6272.jpg.html)

Step 4: Its fishing time! Gotta catch em all!

You can now start fishing. You'll see your timer usually at the upper left area of your screen. Now what do you expect to fish out of the trout farm? Uhh... Trout... Different kinds of trout.
http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag18/cyrilchronicles/aaaa_zpsc9c6770f.jpg (http://s1296.photobucket.com/user/cyrilchronicles/media/aaaa_zpsc9c6770f.jpg.html)

Extras: Fish list (Coming soon)

OK, if you guys have something to add on this list, please feel free to comment it and I'll edit my thread (along with your name as a contributor)

Lets help each other even in the simplest way. Happy Fishing!

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Missing the upvote button

whut upvote button? :O

29-12-2013, 14:08
Hey guys, this is something i want to tell you.... Bob DOES give more coins out! You can collect 10 coins a week from him. Too bad it is only once a week, though. But thanks to Semira, I can now go there with high hopes of getting a few coins!:D

02-06-2014, 00:13
MORE info for new players re the Trout Farm...

You're NOT stuck on the farm the whole hour - you can come and go as needed (refill dough, sell fish, etc.)

Unlike tournaments you DO NOT get unlimited energy. So consider these suggestions...
1) have full energy before starting, and
2) have A LOT of Fishbucks to REFILL your energy during your hour. It takes 40 Fishbucks for 10 Energy, so consider selling fish at the Fish Market on Pinheira Beach before you start. Keep in mind the market is NOT open 24/7, so plan accordingly.

It's helpful to have the rods and the bait you want to use ready to go before you begin, but you CAN buy them as you go along, so no worries if you need to make changes during your hour.

New players CAN still make great progress with just the basic rod and dough (both free), but that's IF you DO NOT go in with empty or low energy and no Fishbucks (at least not while the Fish Market is closed because you won't be able to leave and sell them during your hour).

If you do not have plenty of energy AND Fishbucks for refills, you are basically wasting your 3 coins to enter the Trout Farm. Just be patient and PLAN BEFORE you go in. You'll be much less frustrated AND getting the double XP will be much, much more effective.

Good luck!!

14-07-2014, 04:31
You're NOT stuck on the farm the whole hour - you can come and go as needed (refill dough, sell fish, etc.)

Yes, this bears repeating.
If you are fishing at the trout farm and run out of energy, don't stay inside waiting to re-energize, because your minutes tick away and are wasted. Either buy more energy or exit the farm. Whatever time you have left will be still there to use later— even another day.

Personally, I still haven't caught all the 5-star fish there and so I keep a time credit and fish there for a little while every few days.

14-07-2014, 07:13
Experience booster stacks with 2x experience for the farm, so now that there's a 4* fish, it is a great place to level up (2400-3200xp for a lake trout with 4x booster, around 400xp for the rainbow trout).

14-07-2014, 08:29
Experience booster stacks with 2x experience for the farm, so now that there's a 4* fish, it is a great place to level up (2400-3200xp for a lake trout with 4x booster, around 400xp for the rainbow trout).

Yup and if you are really lucky you can get ~8000 exp points(with 4X booster) from 5* fish :cool:

22-07-2014, 14:24
yesterday I leveled up from 116 to 120 in 30 minutes :) and that was a really big amount of exp (about 50000 exp!!!). but with LP2, magic watch, 4X booster I was able to catch 15 lake trouts and many other fish and now I finally can see myself in Marshville.

My advice for you is: try to earn a lot of FCs. buy banana rod, some exp boosters, luck potions (2), magic watches, blue radars, energy and lures and go fishing there. Low level players may reach 20, maybe 30 levels in 1 hour, maybe even more. Sure its expensive, but you all will be very satisfied with your progress.

22-07-2014, 14:45
thnx rich:). which booster u was using?
and congratz for lvl120:)
and best of luck for marshville

22-07-2014, 22:00
thanks prashant :) id been using 4x exp boosters. and in Marshville its going to be fine, just one fish left to complete all fish in area :)

27-08-2014, 01:36
Like your guide!

22-09-2014, 20:57
you need 3 fish coins you get 1 back (first time only)

25-09-2014, 20:31
What did you use for bait and how much energy did you use?Trying to decide if i would get more xp doing same thing in thombani?

26-09-2014, 23:12
Also, WATCH your time zone time. You may not notice that your real time is 10 PM. Failure to do so, you will be AUTOMATICALLY EJECTED from the trout farm, letting the fishes escape. That's the annoying part. XD :-)