View Full Version : Password/Account security

26-02-2015, 19:45
Unfortunately, sometimes there can be some players who want to try and steal your account.

To help keep your account safe, remember:

1, A real Admin/representative of Fishao will never ask for your password.

2, Never give your password to anyone! Always keep it secret.

3, If someone still manages to steal your account. Change your password immediately here: https://www.fishao.com/recover
If you still cannot change your password, send a PM to any mod/admin on this forum or in-game and we will help you.

4, If someone is pretending to be an admin/mod, please send a PM with this players username to any admin/mod on this forum or in-game.

5, If someone sends you a link on Facebook or at some other place, and tells you to click it to for example get Fishcoins, level up to lvl 200, or any similar thing,DO NOT CLICK IT. Your account information and password can get stolen this way.