View Full Version : How to practice catching 5 star fish

11-03-2015, 22:17
There is an easy way to practice for 5 star fish. you will need 2 sticky notes, a lot of dough, full energy, and damians spot. go to damians spot and cast in. have one sticky note ready. cast in and when you hook a fish take the sticky note and put it on your computer screen right next to where the arrow starts when catching a fish. now when you have caught the fish, put the other sticky note a pencils width to the right. now cast in again. try the best you can to keep the arrow between the two sticky notes. do not move your virtual person anywhere as this will disrupt the positioning of the fish catching bar. THE STICKY NOTES SHOULD BE A LIGHT COULOR! this way you do have some visibility where the sticky notes cover up the screen. the sticky notes should look like you are catching an eight star fish. if you want a real challenge the sticky notes should be 1/8 of an inch apart

19-03-2015, 08:41
what the...
this is a joke right?
I can catch fish blindly by just clicking left right left right left right all the time, don't even need to look at the bar with the arrows, and I will always stay in the area you mark with sticky notes.
However, when you hook an actual 5* fish, it becomes a total diffrent story!
So in short: there is no way to train yourself in catching 5* fish, because when you hook a 5* it totally acts diffrent then the 1*, 2* or 3* fishes.
Besides that I realy don't see why you need Damian. You can do what you described at any place, using any type of bait, but still wouldn't train you for catching a 5* fish.
The intention is good though, the guide just isn't realy usefull imo.

21-03-2015, 13:45
You need Damian so you are almost guaranteed to catch fish to practice on