View Full Version : Tournament issues

29-03-2015, 20:35
I entered 3 tournaments yesterday. The first one never allowed me to enter (but my fishcoins were deducted). The second one I finished in second place and received my fishcoins. The third tournament I fished for the full 10 minutes, and did not catch a single fish! I changed positions, and bait, but did not catch one fish. Is this a glitch, or was it just very bad luck??

29-03-2015, 22:29

You have your Fishcoins back now from the 1st one that wouldn't let you enter.

It's difficult to say why you didn't catch any fish in the 3rd tourn. Maybe you ran out of bait even if you changed and didn't notice. Or maybe it was a bug, even though I haven't heard about that bug before.