View Full Version : Fix so u cant block Npc

10-09-2013, 19:05

Here i go again.

We all hates when someone block so u cant press on the npc... so u cant do the bob quest cause someone is afk on him so u cant click bob. Same with If u wanna buy tryout farm time... someone is blocking and u cant do shit.

Picture of what i mean:


See you later, u will prob see me more :) Im gonna continue "spam" out things i want be done my way hihi ;)

10-09-2013, 20:04
trout farm -> when u walk trough the gate you will get an auto popup chat with the guy there.
in damian yeah can be ****ed

10-09-2013, 20:17
I will forward this. But please do not use inappropriate words in the forums.