View Full Version : New Fish in Palm Island

24-07-2015, 07:39
Does the Fairy Basslet need to be unlocked with fruit? I have to catch one for my Daily Quest and have gone thru 3 Luck Potions and over 300 Veggies.

24-07-2015, 07:52
From what I have heard from alot of players, that fish does not need a fruit combo to unlock it. A few people if I remember rightly have said that fish was caught around by the sunken ship, but cant be 100% sure. Sorry and goodluck

24-07-2015, 13:58
I caught it three times so far in the last three weeks and every time it was in the pond in the middle of the Island

24-07-2015, 14:33
I can copy what @Frill wrote... maybe it can be caught around the pirate ship, but for sure in tbe middle of the island. Seems to be whole day fish... good luck!

24-07-2015, 15:13
Thanks for the help! Probably took me 500 casts but I finally caught the Fairy Basslet this morning in the pond with Cherries.