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28-07-2015, 15:46
Good morning. I have a quick question. I was playing in the boat tournament at the 10:30 am time and I was in 3rd place when it hit 0 seconds left and when it took me to the next screen said I lost. There was no new added points to the guy in 4th place. He was 35-40 points below me. This is not right. I should have gotten 3rd place. Usually I would not complain but this is for my daily today. I do not think I should have to pay another 5 coins when I had finished 3rd. When that hits 0 seconds left, the score showed me in 3rd. I should have knocked out one of my daily bonus. I would like that changed since I had finished in 3rd and the guy in 4th did not show him catching a fish when the time ran out.


28-07-2015, 18:46
This can happen sometimes when someone catches a fish in the absolutely last moment possible. The person taking over your 3rd place doesn't have to be the one who was in 4:th place. Might also have been someone further down who caught a good fish.

28-07-2015, 19:21
Then you should show before the screen cuts away that it was update. If it hits 0 and the score shows you at 1-3rd, that is what happens. Do not have the screen cut away and then end up not showing anything. Also if you have a lure in the water, and the clock hits 0, you should still be able to fish because if someone can reel one in after the time is up, so should your last cast.
Not to pick a bone, but that is total crap. This is not the first time it has happened, but sick of seeing 0 on the clock and somehow you lose. Maybe you should not be able to cast with 10 seconds left or something like that. That makes it fair.

29-07-2015, 10:10
To be fair, the tournament should let the player catch his last fish when the clock reaches 0 but should not credit it in the tournament proper.

Ex: I caught a Giant Oarfish using a Bamboo Rod and Level 20 line with an exp. of 1000exp in the BOS. However, I just caught it after the timer reaches 0. The oarfish will be recorded in the Dex but not in the tournament. =)

29-07-2015, 16:10
I think it should be like where you stay at the tournament screen for a couple seconds after the clock hits zero so everyone can see what position they got.

29-07-2015, 16:40
Kuya, I agree. If you are fighting a fish till the very end, you should be allowed to catch it and keep it. If it is past the 0, it should not count. That is a good catch by the way. Still hunting for that sucker.

Sturgeonlover: I agree with you too. It would be nice to be able to stay on the screen to see how much you won or lost by. See how close they were, etc.

Both options would be good.

29-07-2015, 17:23
That is a good catch by the way.

I think the oarfish was an example and he didn't actually catch it.

02-08-2015, 16:55
I think the oarfish was an example and he didn't actually catch it.

But I will soon! Time only knows. XD =P

27-08-2015, 10:29
salty plz can u remove being in top 3 in touranments from the daily quests it is very hard to be done