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19-08-2015, 17:10
This is a guide to Missions

1. Missions are tasks that you can do to earn fishcoins, fishbucks, rods, baits, ect...
2. To see what you missions are go to the circle thing on the left of you screen if you put you mouse on it it says missions.
3. You only get three missions at once once you complete one you get another.
4. Before you start trying to complete the mission you must hit accept (pretty sure the button is collect). If you don't you will not complete it.
5. When you have completed a mission it will pop up a completed mission box. Click collect to collect you prize.
6. Missions get harder as they go on.
7. If you forget to collect you prize you can go to view completed and arrow over until you find the right one. Hit collect.

Good luck!! Have fun!!

19-08-2015, 22:28
There is a guide about missions already (This sums everything up though),maybe message the OP to include your tips in his thread.Or ask a Mod to merge them

20-08-2015, 18:22
Sorry I should have checked.