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27-08-2015, 23:39
This is a tip to Bob's minigame.
Tip 1. Make sure it as been a full week.
Tip 2. Make sure that the game is not lagging.
Tip 3. You have a minute and a half to grab ten fishcoins.
Tip 4. Be fast as you can.
Tip 5. Good luck.
Signed: Fisherk04

28-08-2015, 00:34
There is already another bob's minigame guide.

28-08-2015, 00:46
and it's only 1 minute

28-08-2015, 00:51
Oops my bad

28-08-2015, 07:18
I miss the most important tip here - go systematically thru the whole Rio map! Don't run to the fist coin you see!
You have enough time to go thru the whole map (even w/o running shoes), but you cannot go back for missing coins on the end (even w/ running shoes).

Btw. @fisherk04: why do you have avatar of a mod? It could make ppl think, you're one of them. I don't like it.

28-08-2015, 10:28
Do you want me to change my avatar?🚔🚨🚒🚑🚓