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27-09-2013, 09:56

I have two suggestions:

I think it would be great if there was an option so you could chose to use Left and Right mouse button to fight fish as an alternative to A&D or Left/Right arrow button. There are many reasons to why one might want to do this. It is comfortable for one, but also it saves my painfully acheing joints in my hand. I'm sure there are more people than me who wants to save their joints a bit. Also it makes it so you do not have to use anything but the mouse to move around and fish, which is really freeing and gives a feeling of the game being very easy and comfortable to maneuver and play.

Tournament countdown clock on screen:
An option that activates the tournament countdown clock to be displayed on the main screen to the left or right so you do not have to click the trophy symbol each time you want to check how long you have to the next tournament. This would also make more people sign up for the tournaments. Maybe it would also be cool if there was a checkbox under it saying "automatically sign me up" so that no matter what you are doing when the competition starts you get signed up, so that you don't miss it.

But really, Suggestion Nr 1 is the main one I would be very happy to see implemented.

Just reached lvl 100 yesterday :-)

May the fishing luck gods smile upon thee.
/ Weezle

14-10-2013, 11:58
C’est avec satisfaction que je m`inscrit ici :

Nacim Ould Kaddour