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16-06-2013, 20:25

i was thinking about something
there is a posibility to trade with people, but i think it will rarely be used
why woud you buy a fish when you can get it yourself?
it would be fun to add random items to the game that you get while fishing
example: you are fishing and you get the screen when a fish bites but instead of a fish you get an item
it can be items without any benefits that you can collect (for archievements) or boosts like get energy 10% faster for 1 hour
or rods and baits that you cant buy in the store.
these things will give the player an extra chellenge + a way to make some extra coins.
that way you create a economy

16-06-2013, 21:53
Hello Fearce,

There are some updates with unique items on our future update list.

We'll add stuff like this gradually to improve the gameplay and economy.



17-06-2013, 15:09
i don't want to be obtrusive but can you look at my topic in Become a moderator / translator
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17-06-2013, 22:15
We're only replying on it maybe once a month! :-)