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26-11-2013, 08:07
My husband and I always game together.
I sent him my referral link to try the game, and even though he's over lvl 5 now, he never showed up in my referrals.
Is it because we share an IP address or just crappy luck, or a bug?

26-11-2013, 10:29
Have you recieved any fishcoins now that he i passed level 5?

29-11-2013, 04:06
Nope. Never recieved any coins and he's lvl 15 now. He also used his referral link to invite his dad, and his dad never showed up in his referrals either. =/

29-11-2013, 12:59
Is it because we share an IP address or just crappy luck, or a bug?

I guess something went wrong during the signup process since we have no IP security yet. (but it need to be implemented soon cause of misusing:-()

Strange, new referrals are created day by day. What is your referral link? I will try to signup and check if the referral is added to your account to make sure it works.

- Jin

29-11-2013, 21:44
I had 2 other friends who signed up using my link, and they showed up in my referrals, but never made it past lvl 5, so no clue if the coins would have worked. Husband still never showed up, and after using his link to refer his dad, his dad has made it to lvl 8 now but still isn't in his list.
Seems like the ones who would help just didn't show up. lol
Here's the link if you still want to try.