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26-04-2017, 16:55

Account "Andrej_Legenda" is problem.

Son of my brother is playing Fishao game on his account "andrej_car_10" - this account is also banned for one month.
It was argue of my brothers kid and moderator (Capmen) on facebook chat (not in game).

Problem is account "Andrej_Legenda" which is mine -I'm little older (44years) and I transfer fast shoes 2.0 from his banned account and immediately get full ban on my account (Andrej_Legenda) even if I dont use at all in game chat during gaming???

Do You have any explanation for this behavior from moderator side or it is usually for Your game (private argues to go on game plain)?

Hope You will have some answer to this issue.....
You can contact me on this mail (krosdeki@yahoo.com).

Sincerely Regard! -Dejan

26-04-2017, 18:35
We have done some investigations in this mater and decided that the ban stays. That is the final saying in this thing.
You have to wait it out.

26-04-2017, 22:03
Ok, it is Yours decision.....and can You share with me the reason for banning account that has not been involved in any discusion?
Thanks in advance! - Dejan

26-04-2017, 22:06
...or to clarify how much should I wait untill full bann is finished - I did not recived any information about reason for banning or time to wait until ban is finished.
Only info that account is banned?
Thanks. - D.

26-04-2017, 23:10
Never mind - You can lock or delete this topic.
Thank You for your time and replay.
Best wishes.

26-04-2017, 23:39