View Full Version : one the the neterlands moderators is real unfair

16-01-2014, 14:52
he bans other ppl when his friendlists friends ask to do ... his name is darkraven..... what he answere on his friends is ok i will ban him on ip adress 374

16-01-2014, 17:39
What is unfair exactly? Can you tell me what he's doing wrong?

- Jin

16-01-2014, 19:33
he ban other ppl for free when his friends ask it... WITHOUT REASON... look the player near him... HES THE ONE WHO ASKED TO BAN

16-01-2014, 19:37
If you don't got any proof, please don't report an moderator abusing his power. The picture above you doesn't really prove anything.

16-01-2014, 20:09
then check out his communication from yesterday... and trust me a lot off ppl allready stoped playing the game. the reason for this, it is not correct behavior of that moderator

16-01-2014, 22:53
If that is the truth that they stop playing it isn't my fault, maybe because i am a good moderator and i don't want people to swear or herass other people ?
And yes its a fishing game not a game for social media like facebook is.

And something else, that player that stands near me, isn't even ask me to ban someone and yes he also is in my friendslist like 2169 other players.
Your name was fisheur232 if i remember right, you are also in my friendslist :)

Regards DarkRaven.

16-01-2014, 23:26
Darkraven is a honest man who treated everyone equally.
He won't ban without a reason.

The reason of your ban is your behavior.
First messing up the game and after your ban start crying,
thats very low.

This man works voluntarily for the game.
show some more respect for this man

Best regards

I'm not the player next to him on the printscreen

17-01-2014, 00:45
To be honest i have to agree with Beerbottle. Darkraven will never ban without a very good reason.

You probably were calling ppl names or making sexual advances to other players. These things should not be in a game like this, so a ban for those reasons is a good thing to keep the fun in the game for all.

Darkraven is online almost every day for more then 12 hours to keep the game going smooth, helping ppl and Always giving ppl a fair chance. He does this for free and you don't want to know what kind of trash he gets thrown to him every day in public by players and he still keeps his cool. So give the man a bit of respect.


17-01-2014, 06:04
Seems like we got a conclusion here. DarkRaven is doing his job.