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14-06-2020, 08:27
To those who already completed MISSIONS, can you please tell me the rewards you will get in each quest? I need them so I will know what decoraions I am missing. Thank you very much.

15-06-2020, 20:30
The missions that give decorations as a reward are the next ones:

Let a friend visit your home - Uncle Sam Statue
Breed all available fish for your backyard - Breeder Rex Statue
Catch a fish larger than 1000 cm - Adam Painting
Win 50 tournaments - Herb Statue
Collect the gold set - Famous Painting
Catch a fish larger then 700 cm - Pearl Painting
Catch 200 different fish - Birth Painting
Catch 500 fish - Red Flowers
Catch 100 different fish - Egg Table
Talk to all NPCs in the game - Star Painting
Breed 10 fish for your backyard - Trout Painting
Collect the simple set - Totem Pole
Collect 15,000 home points - Pineapple Tree
Grab a fishbox - Screech Painting
Catch 30 different fish - Jamie Statue
Breed 1 fish for your backyard - Pink Tulips
Catch an Electric Catfish - FISHAO Wall
Go to Seagull Harbor - Captain Carp Statue
Go to Mystic Desert - Cactus
Participate in a tournament - Anthurium Plant

16-06-2020, 11:43
Wow, iTrendy. You're my idol. Thank you so much. Kudos to you.

16-06-2020, 13:02
By the way, if you already caught greater than a thousand cm way back and then you will get a mission today to catch a thousand cm fish, will you automatically get the reward or do you need to fish for a thousand cm fish to get the reward?

16-06-2020, 17:24
Unfortunately, previously caught fish do not count. You have to catch it after you get and accept the mission in order to get the reward. It's like those specific species you have to catch - you may have them on your fishdex but you need a fresh one to complete your mission.

21-08-2020, 08:28
Anyone got a list of all the missions? lol

21-08-2020, 13:07
You can try my list of 145 missions (not sure whether that's all of them):


They do not come to you in a strict order. They follow your progress: you will not get a mission related to an area you have not unlocked yet so you will get various missions of general character until you level up for a new zone. I have rearranged the list by type of task because I find it more convenient. It is a docx file. You can download it and modify it to suit your needs or to mark things.
I am not sure it is the exact wording as I once translated it from French into Bulgarian for some of my friends (used a YouTube video), and now from Bulgarian into English for you... However, you will get the gist of it alright. I could have checked with my Missions Completed page on the game but that would have been more tedious than translating.

You can also check this ancient thread, where TropicalViking has followed the order in which the missions came to them (as far as 129), and then Moderator Stir has added some:


21-08-2020, 13:27
You can try my list:


Wow it looks good :)

21-08-2020, 15:44
Thank you :)