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  1. Today

    Today is August 31, Boat Day.
    I'd like to ride a cruise line to commemorate this day, but we have no boats on Pinheira. Oh, well, I'll take a nap in this hammock there, and row a boat in my dreams instead.
  2. Fishao Svet 4th birthday!

  3. Fishao Svet is best!

  4. Fishao Svet Choice Awards 2018.-we managed!

    Part of the money from the project is successfully donated,thank you all!
    FSCA 2018.
  5. Today

    Today is August 20, Doll Day.
    People freak out when they see a doll crying tears of blood, but when a statue of a god or goddess sheds bloody tears, they call it a miracle. Is it just a matter of what it's made out of ??...
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