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    Today is October 6, Star Festival Day.
    Once a baker from the stars landed in front of a starving young boy.
    Introducing himself as Jamie, he ripped a chunk of his own flesh and offered it to the ailing boy.
    As a token of his gratitude, the boy became a baker and made " Jamie flavored cookies".
    Since the cookies tasted like shrimp, Jamie became known as the " Shrimp-Flavored-Baker
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  4. The 5-Minute Rule for Cam Locker

    The Hidden Gem of Cam Locker
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    Today is September 28, Pot of Hell Day.
    Although this isn't widely known, there is a gigantic cauldron in hell that boils sinners for eternity.
    The broth that seeps out of the rich and chubby sinners makes a good soup base
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