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    Today is July 15, Posture Correction Day.
    All the fond memories we had ... Why did he leave after all the countless nights we've slept together?
    All i did was strap a posture belt on him to straighten out his back ...
    I guess he didn't like it, because he was meowing furiously
  2. Today

    Today is July 14, Tornado Day.
    It's tortillas and nachos day! Eat your heart out, cowboys!
    Yes,yes. Bad pun, i know.
  3. Today

    Today is July 13, Pirate Day.
    A pirate festival is held at Palm Island today. Palm Island must be swarming with sweaty Palm's today.
    Who are the Palm's ? Palm's are what we call people from in Palm Island.
    Residents of Laketown are called Lakers. Residents of Sibiri are Siberians.
    I thought everyone on Fishao knew that.
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  5. Today

    Today is July 12, Paw Day.
    This is the day we honor Chi. Girls prance around sporting cat_ears and cat_paws today.
    I wanted to dresse up,too,but there are strange participants lately who go around taking pictures of catgirls,so my parents won't let me.
    These weirdoes say, Chi love girls,so Chi is our guardian too'. Perverts!
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