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  1. :D

    Here are some ideas to make dresses.
    I hope that will inspiraton Fishao for new looks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Today

    Today is July 24, Pin a Banana and a Fish Day.
    Pin a toothpick or a fork on a banana and a fish and place it in a cool, dry place. Your late grandpas and grandmas will come to visit today
  3. Today

    Today is July 20, Squash Day.
    I had a friend who used to blend squash into his drinks before imbibing them.
    When I asked him why he liked it, he just said he likes things squashed.
  4. Today

    Today is July 18, Brick Day.
    Like the many shades of flesh, bricks also comes in many colors.
    I think the description ' Wearing a brick_colored Fishao T.Shirt ' on this wanted poster of Salty is a poor choice of words
  5. Today

    Today is July 16, Cocktail Day.
    I really like today better than beer today, because some cocktails are alcohol_free.
    This year, my mom plans to make a cocktail with a 2:1 blend of orange juice and lemon juice
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