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    Today is July 12, Paw Day.
    This is the day we honor Chi. Girls prance around sporting cat_ears and cat_paws today.
    I wanted to dresse up,too,but there are strange participants lately who go around taking pictures of catgirls,so my parents won't let me.
    These weirdoes say, Chi love girls,so Chi is our guardian too'. Perverts!
  2. Today

    Today is July 11, Bulletin Board Day.
    Stationmaster what's_his_name put up a bulletin board for the station.
    The people posthumously rewarded him by naming a constellation after him.
    I,too, work hard everyday so that one day I'll get my own constellation in the sky.
    Well, what are you aiming for?
  3. Today

    Today is July 10, Nut Day.
    Yes, we're talking about those nuts you find lying around the weapons shop.
    Take some of those nuts and put them between two slices of rye bread.
    Enjoy the crunching sensation with every bite.
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  5. Today

    Today is July 9, Teacher 's Day.
    Ms. Mintching is a strict teacher.
    Ms. Muntching is a plump teacher.
    Mr. Guntching is my favorite teacher.
    He has such a nice build ....Ahhh
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