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    Today is September 15, Mystery Day.
    Sharks that live to old age are said to gain mystical powers.
    Do you know that former Barman in Palm named Jahni? His real body is the shark popping around in the beach sometimes and the old Jahni is the shark's .....Hum
  2. Today

    Today is September 11, Backwards day.
    . yadot sdrawkcab gnihtyreve daeR
    ? ttub eht ni niap a ti t'nsI
  3. problem

    My Facebook account is off. My Fishao account was on Facebook login. character is in the game. My character is _birdost_. you need to send me a password so I can access the account I want from you. Very happy if you help.
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  4. Today

    Today is August 31, Boat Day.
    I'd like to ride a cruise line to commemorate this day, but we have no boats on Pinheira. Oh, well, I'll take a nap in this hammock there, and row a boat in my dreams instead.
  5. Fishao Svet 4th birthday!

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