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  1. Chat/Ban

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    Dear concern,
    Today i got chat/ban for 7 days. I attached the screenshot of the pm which i got from the moderator. After i opened the screenshot and i was shocked to see that screenshot because i was afk and many player be afk. I never see anyone get chat/ban for this issues. What i did wrong? Did i say something wrong? Only for this reason I can't get 7 days chat/ban. In these days i got several chat/ban for very minor issues. I was very careful because in this days i got chat/ban for very
  2. Today

    Today is October 20, Build Your Own Shelf Day.
    I went to my local home furnishings store, Carl's, and bought a shelf kit. The only instructions on the box said, " assemble yourshelf " ...
  3. Today

    Today is October 18, Shades Day.
    A NPC who always wore sunglasses was named Shades by the players. Shades even wore his sunglasses at night. During an investigation in a dark cave, he was caught in a trap he couldn't see and died in the line of duty...
    Shades day was named to mourn for his death. So please, don't wear your sunglasses at night
  4. Today

    Today is October 11, Earthquake Day.
    Tremors were once said to be Ben snoring, but modern research has proven the belief is just a myth.
    People now make offerings of Ben's favorite bread to atone, but what if that is also a mistake ?
  5. i won't rude

    Quote Originally Posted by raj2109 View Post
    Sisca ban me saying that i was rude.
    from morning one guy is saying rude words to me that time she didnot ban him and she is banning me
    Admin is mod work is only banning and not evening knowing truth
    She could give me warning
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