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  • Do nothing. It´s hard to get coins, let´s keep the trading the same so we can cheat with it :-)

    6 13.64%
  • Delete the complete trading system out of the game

    6 13.64%
  • Delete possibility to trade rods / baits / items but keep trading of other stuff

    12 27.27%
  • Set trading for level 100 +

    10 22.73%
  • Let's do something else, I will suggest it into the topic:

    10 22.73%
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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    That is a fun idea tkgoh! And you can pay with... Fishcoins? Fishbucks? ;-) In this way it is indeed impossible to send an amount of fishcoins or fishbucks to someone with a second account because you don't know from who the item is!

    For how long will an auction last? ;-) And can the starter of an auction on the free trade market decide what will be the winning offer and see it during the auction? Can someone who bids on the auction withdraw its offer?
    No, it's not an auction market, you post an item to sell with your desired price and it'll be listed immediately on the category/group it belongs,
    for example, Big Rod will be posted under Rod category), then the prospective buyer can buy it off from the list immediately in realtime!
    It would be easier if you just use Fishbucks as the standard currency for selling and buying;
    and you can also allow selling of fishcoins that can be bought by paying fishbucks on the market!

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    Hey come on! There will always be someone who cheats

    Ok, so, that system of trade is good, bad (not very smart) are only players. Because of inexperienced kids, new players or because of greedy players and thieves we will be punished? No, that is not a very good idea.
    They are stupid and this is not our fault.
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    if you put only 1 person with you could trade it is still good i would rather chose my father and give him stuff he needs or borrow a rod or some bait and he to me then to link with a new profile and give everything to me because you would then need to play 2 weeks just so you could buy a rod or something i still think it is a good idea... or for instance only people above lvl 100 can trade with 1 person and the others use auction if you decide to do that.....

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    Of course, they can allow trading on one IP again. This is what you, want, right? Well, they won't...

    Such a foolish idea

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    A trading market near sibiri city and who reaches sibiri can trade (there is a house in sibiri, make use of it)
    Or climbing that something brick like in aquayama, and trading only there!
    Or if we want to trade we need to collect somethings like if we collect 50 Easter eggs(now Easter time and all weeks related to that week) we can trade that week , Easter eggs can be found by catching fishes, inside fish boxes, and as a gift reward with daily quests!
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    an anonymous auction system ?
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    Delete the complete trading system out of the game - but bring back the amount of daily coins that Herb gave before the last updates (8 to 2 coins per day) so we can still buy good rods at the shop.

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    after trading you find a box saying are you sure that you want to trade this item ?

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    i dont agree with you guty man

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    like here please thank you !

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    This is how a free trading market works:

    lets say you want to sell a Simple Rod at 100 fishbucks, then you create a sell post,
    after that you can't create another sell post before your 1st sell post (the Simple Rod) has been purchased,
    this means you can only offer sales of 1 item at a time!

    Other players can also sell a Simple Rod lower/higher than 100 fishbucks at that time,
    then it's up to the buyers to decide which Simple Rod sales they want to buy from!

    Sellers can only make 1 sales at a time, but buyers can buy multiple items as long as they can afford with fishbucks!

    This is not Auction, you don't bid!
    You just try to sell, and buy straight away!

    You don't know who you're selling to, and also you don't know who you're buying from!

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    I like it tkgoh! another idea
    daily login bonus reward as baits till 6th day, at the 7th day reward for 3 times to trade! and again at the 14th day reward for 3 times to trade
    Or Easter eggs ideas also helps
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