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    Exclamation Read this first

    If you have an idea, please run a search to see if the idea was already posted before you. Then post it. An idea posted twice can get you in trouble.

    Please do not post any obviously ridiculous ideas!

    • Please think about a correct and descriptive title before posting your idea. It will make it easier to search for.

    • Please only post replies in the threads when you have a further idea to add to the topic idea. Avoid posting things like, "yeah cool idea" or "I want that too man", it only makes it harder to read and understand for everyone!

    Thanks for your cooperation and keep the ideas coming, but keep it clean to read!

    We will not be answering new added ideas or feedback in most cases. Our creative team often looks in this section and will make a selection of the really GREAT ideas!

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    I understand the rules. I will follow them.
    Signed: Fisherk04.

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    Hi guys I have 2 idea the first one is that we can trade fish coin because is someone need fish coin and he have something that ha had buy it from the shop for fish bucks he can easily sell it for some fish coin the second idea was the fish box the idea is that the fish box whene it say fish box had drobed at pinharia beach or any place we can make it for an example 3 fish box had dropped at lake town or what ever in that way there will be more chance for peapole who play to get the fish box

    I hope salty liked my idea


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