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    Lightbulb New tournament + Prize Rod

    I have an idea/suggestion.

    How about a new tournament where everyone, during the tournament only, gets the same type of rod to fish with. The rod will be a light rod, slightly better than bamboo rod, good for fishes up to 80-100 cm or somewhere around there. You will however use your own bait in this tournament. The challenge is to catch the largest fish.

    This might encourage more players to compete since there is an even playingfield regarding the Rod. And also, it will really be a highly skill-based tournament where the one with the best skill to fight fish is the most likely to win.

    If you complete the achievement of catching all fish in this tournament (and perhaps also something more, like winning it x-numer of times), then you recieve this rod as a prize.

    The rod will be just slightly stronger than the bamboo rod. Sort of like an updated "free" infinity rod reward for the skilled, well deserved player.

    My inspiration for the rod is from a type of rod (in the real world) called Ultra Light Rods which are very light, thin, short and flexible rods yet supringsingly strong.

    I'm not sure about what type of fishing area it would be. But I was thinking perhaps a small, longer stream with some predator fish like, catfish, Pike, Musky, Walleye etc that would fit the maximum size of the rod, where some fish would even be a little larger than the maximum size of the rod to make it a real challange to catch a big one.

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    If power ups are not allowed I support this Idea. Tournament should be in equal conditions.

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    Nice idea Salty, noted down.

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    Can I suggest a little modification? Perhaps winner can be defined with few large fishes caught to give more chances for skillful players. I mean sometimes you don't get max size of fish even if you can hold it (hehe especially when you need to catch 100+ cm for daily quest). So it can be comparison between total length of 5 largest fishes caught by each participant.
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    I caught 93 cm brown trout with bamboo, and also 84 an 71 cm black bufalo.
    I can't say it was skill, just luck, if the fish decides to move 1 direction, it's gone, if it goes left right all the time you get it, there realy isn't much yuo're doing hitting the arrow buttons at that time.
    So I'm not so sure about skill, I think it will be mere luck. First luck to get the biggest one on the hook, then to have it catch itself.

    the idea of handing out a price like an infinite rod which is slightly better then bamboo is nice though. Even if in the mean time it will be useless for me. (was a lot of patience and dedication not to spend coins , but finally made it to 1500 a few weeks ago and got the fishao one, jej)

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    2nd Best feature ever saw till now.....Must add
    Or all high level crush us with their rods/Gagets
    A bit of feature help
    Magic #15
    Boat on sea
    Lake run
    Alll done with this tournament level Meaning with light rod and own bait ....This might be good

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    great idea,
    Name of the Tournament Could be Sport Fishing!

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    could put this tournament in laketown, with new species, just as they did in the moray tournament

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    I agree with you. I would like to see a tournament where you cannot use any boosters. If you have a F rod you can use that, but no Lucky Potion 2, Watch....

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    Hi Salty
    It would be a good idea for lower level players.... many higher level players have high to max line still wouldn't be an even playing field.
    I've actually caught a Giant Oar with my bamboo to give you an example of still not being even.


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