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    Discopyge tschudii, Apron ray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 5 - 165 m, Subtropical.

    Distribution: Southeast Pacific: Peru and Chile. Southwest Atlantic: Uruguay and Argentina.

    Max length : 53.8 cm.

    Oneline clingfish

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 6 - 20 m, Tropical.

    Distribution: Indo-Pacific: from Christmas Island to Papua New Guinea; north to the Philippines, south to the Great Barrier Reef.

    Max length : 2.3 cm.

    Patagonian toothfish

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 50 - 3850 m.

    Distribution: Southeast Pacific and Southwest Atlantic: southern Chile round the coast to Patagonia (Argentina) and the Falkland Islands. Southwest Pacific: Macquarie Island. Southern Ocean: South Georgia. Also known from sub-Antarctic islands and seamounts of the Indian sector.

    Max length : 215 cm.

    Biology: At 12-15 cm TL, semi-pelagic juveniles become demersal at 150-400 m depth. Adults migrate to deeper habitats at depths greater than 1,000 m Diele_u1.jpg.

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    Dermatolepis dermatolepis, Leather bass

    Environment / Climate / Range: Subtropical; 33°N - 13°S.

    Distribution: Eastern Pacific: southern California, USA to Peru, including Revillagigedo and Galapagos Islands, Cocos Island, Clipperton Island.

    Max length : 100.0 cm.

    Smooth grouper

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical; 27°N - 30°S, 32°E - 63°E.

    Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: Gulf of Oman and south coast of Arabian Peninsula, Aldabra, Comoros, Madagascar, and coast of Africa from Kenya to Durban, South Africa.

    Max length : 85.0 cm.

    Eastern yellow blindfish

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine.

    Distribution: Southwest Pacific: Australia and New Zealand.

    Max length : 10.0 cm .

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    Anderson's mudbrotula

    Environment / Climate / Range: Subtropical.

    Distribution: South Atlantic: South Africa.

    Max length : 3.9 cm.

    Biology: A recently caught female specimen from Bird Island, Algoa Bay (SAIAB 70867) was found to be gravid at 54 mm SL with four 20-23 mm SL, fully developed embryos; their preserved coloration is uniformly light brown, slightly darker than their mother

    Polka-dot ribbonfish

    Environment / Climate / Range: Deep-water; 42°N - 52°S, 180°W - 180°E.

    Distribution:Western Pacific: Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand: Eastern Atlantic: 16°11'N (ISH unpublished) to Namibia.

    Max length : 110 cm.

    Giant danio

    Environment / Climate / Range: Freshwater, Tropical; 22°C - 24°C.

    Distribution: Max length : 15.0 cm .

    Blackfin slatey

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical, Deep-Water.

    Distribution: Western Central Pacific: Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines. Also known from Ashmore Reef in the Timor Sea.

    Max length : 45.0 cm.


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