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    Whenever you can, I'll be helping here, Thank you friends for words

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    Gloved snailfish: Deep-water; 2°C - 4°C: Max length : 42.0 cm.

    Lidwill's dwarfgoby: Subtropical: Max length : 2.0 cm: Inhabits brackish water, Occurs in schools near the surface.

    Tiny pygmy-goby: Tropical: Max length : 1.7 cm: Inhabits mangrove shores, occasionally near coral reefs in 0-2 m. Usually in groups, often hovering in midwater.

    Roux's pygmy-goby: Freshwater: Tropical: Max length : 1.2 cm.

    Pandaka trimaculata: Tropical: Max length : 1.3 cm: Inhabits brackish waters.

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    Pangio mariarum: Freshwater; Max length : 6.5 cm TL.

    Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus:Tropical: Max length : 47.0 cm:

    Guapote: Freshwater: Max length : 72.0 cm: Inhabits lakes but also thrives in various lower and middle river valleys.

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    Yellowjacket cichlid: Freshwater; Max length : 28.0 cm: Inhabits rivers and lakes, preferring the slower moving waters. Feeds primarily upon other live fishes. Enters brackish water. Used in experimental and behavioral research.

    Parachromis loisellei: Freshwater: Max length : 18.5 cm: Inhabits waters of all current velocities, but abounds mostly in swampy waters choked with vegetation. Prefers waters of reduced size with soft substrata, between 1 and 70 m elevation. Feeds on a variety of terrestrial and aquatic insects and occasionally small fish.

    Jaguar guapote: Freshwater: Max length : 55.0 cm: Inhabits lakes, preferring turbid waters and mud bottoms of the highly eutrophic lakes.

    Blackside hawkfish: Tropical; 24°C - 27°C: Max length : 22.0 cm: Inhabits clear lagoon or seaward reefs to at least 33 m depth: but may venture very deep. Occurs openly on coral and soft-bottom habitats, occasionally in pairs. ends to perch on outermost branches of Stylophora, Pocillopora, and Acropora corals.

    Pink blenny: Tropical: Eastern Central Pacific: Gulf of California.

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    Guinean conger: Tropical; 16°N - 17°S: Max length : 62.7 cm; Burrows into the substratum tail-first, with only the head exposed.

    Paracrossochilus acerus: Freshwater: Max length : 9.5 cm: Found in large schools.

    Slender weasel shark: Tropical: Max length : 48.3 cm: Lives in shallow water to 18m depth on the continental shelf.

    Dark coral goby: Tropical; 30°N - 24°S: Max length : 3.5 cm : Paired individuals occur in colonies of Seriatopora spp.

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    Parakuhlia macrophthalmus Dara: Tropical: Max length : 20.0 cm : Inhabits inshore water, frequenting rocky coast and beaches to depths of 20 m

    Paralaubuca barroni: Freshwater: Max length : 15.0 cm: Feeds on zooplankton and occasionally insect . Probably used to make prahoc.

    Iridescent glassy perchlet: Freshwater: Max length : 10.0 cm: Found in sluggish rivers and floodplains of the lower Mekong. Feeds on aquatic invertebrates.

    Himalayan glassy perchlet: Freshwater: Subtropical: Max length : 5.0 cm:Occurs in ponds, ditches, pools and rivers

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    Odax pullus :Subtropical; 35°S - 47°S: Max length : 40.0 cm: Inhabits shallow inshore waters where rocks and brown algae are abundant. Browses on algae and feeds mainly on the brown alga Carpophyllum.

    Odontamblyopus rubicundus: Subtropical; 20°C - 30°C: Max length : 25.0 cm: Occurs in coastal waters and estuaries.

    Odonteleotris macrodon: Freshwater: Found in rivers and estuaries.

    Odontesthes argentinensis: Subtropical; 23°S - 42°S, 63°W - 44°W:

    Argentinian silverside: Subtropical; 11°C - 24°C: Max length : 50.0 cm : Inhabit coastal lagoons and near estuaries, usually in freshwater.

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    Gila trout: Freshwater; Max length : 32.0 cm TL: Inhabits clear and cool mountain creeks.

    Onychostoma alticorpus: Freshwater;Max length : 50.0 cm: Inhabits rapid flowing streams.

    Taiwan shoveljaw carp: Freshwater: Utilized for food.

    Barred minnow: Freshwater: Max length : 12.0 cm : Prefers clear, flowing waters of larger perennial rivers, frequenting pools below rocky rapids.

    Opsariichthys kaopingensis: Freshwater: Max length : 11.4 cm.

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    Orestias ascotanensis: Subtropical: Not a seasonal killifish.

    Orthochromis uvinzae: Tropical: Max length : 8.6 cm : Rheophilic species, confined to swift running waters; feeds on algae particularly belonging to the Bacillariophyceae and Chlorophyceae and some Cyanophyceae; mouthbrooder.

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    Haitian cichlid: Freshwater, Tropical; 24°C - 27°C: Max length : 21.5 cm: Inhabits lakes and streams. Largely found solitarily or in pairs, rarely in groups of 6-8, often in association with poeciliids and the mugilid Agonostomus monticola. Occurs with introduced cichlids at numerous localities.

    Nandus meni: Freshwater: Tropical; 18°C - 28°C: Max length : 11.2 cm: This species lives in the freshwater ecosystem of Noakhali and is widely distributed in ponds, ditches, canals, flooded rice fields, swamps, marshes, waterlogged areas and rivers.

    Goldeneye cichlid: Freshwater: Tropical; 22°C - 25°C: Max length : 5.6 cm, Frequently occurs in flooded savannas of the coastal zone.

    Nannacara adoketa: Freshwater: Tropical; 22°C - 28°C; Max length : 4.9 cm, Collected from a small stream in inundable forest. Surface water temperature was 24°C, dissolved oxygen 1.8 mg/l and maximum depth was 28 cm. Maximum length 10 cm TL


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