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    Blackmouth catshark
    Atlantic Ocean from Iceland to Senegal, including the Mediterranean Sea.

    Abudefduf sexfasciatus

    schools of totoaba migrate northward in the winter along the Gulf of California to the Colorado River delta to spawn in the spring
    The totoaba is a large marine fish and is the largest species within its family Sciaenidae.
    They have been measured at over 6.5 feet (2 m) and can weigh over 220 pounds (100 kg).

    Epinephelus drummondhayi
    ESA Species of Concern - North Carolina to Gulf of Mexico
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Actinopterygii
    Order: Perciformes
    Family: Serranidae
    Genus: Epinephelus
    Species: drummondhayi

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    Animal Species:Capricorn Cardinalfish
    The species grows to 8cm in length.

    Animal Species:Ring-tail Cardinalfish,
    Adult Ring-tail Cardinalfish are grey-orange above and yellow to golden below.
    Size range
    12 cm
    ringtailed cardinalfish483-.jpg

    Animal Species:Fiveline Cardinalfish
    The species grows to 12 cm in length

    Image: Yamba Cardinalfish
    A Yamba Cardinalfish at Watson Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, 4 April 1976. Note that an Australian Standard name for this species has not yet been assigned. - See more at:

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    Animal Species:Pinkbreast Siphonfish
    Size range
    It grows to about 75 cm in length.

    Animal Species:Eastern Gobbleguts
    Size range
    The species grows to 10 cm in length.

    Animal Species:Australian Herring
    Size range
    40 cm

    Image: Common Hardyhead
    A Common Hardyhead at a depth of 2 m,

    Animal Species:Smallmouth Hardyhead
    Size range
    10 cm

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    Animal Species:Samsonfish
    It is a pelagic, schooling species that occurs in coastal and inshore waters often near rocky reefs.

    Image: Pilotfish
    As well as being found under floating debris, the species is known for swimming with large fishes.
    The standard name refers to the once-held believe that the species guided sharks to their prey.

    Animal Species:Silky Shark, Carcharhinus falciformis
    Size range:It grows to 3.3m in length.
    The Silky Shark occurs in tropical and some warm temperate waters worldwide.

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    Size range:It grows to 38 cm in length.
    Habitat Bandfish live in burrows in areas of soft sediment at depths from a few metres to over 70 m.

    Eastern Talma
    Size range:The species grows to 22 cm in length.
    Habitat:The species is found in coastal bays, estuaries and deeper reefs, in depths of 5 m to 70 m.

    Animal Species:Banded Morwong
    Size range: It grows to a maximum length of about 1 m.
    Habitat The Banded Morwong lives in marine waters down to a depth of 50 m.
    banded morwong erik schloeg.jpg

    Animal Species:Crested Morwong
    Size range: The Crested Morwong grows to about 35 cm in length.
    Habitat It is usually seen on shallow, sheltered coastal and estuarine reefs.

    Animal Speciesusky Morwong
    Size range:It grows to 1.2 m in length.
    Habitat:The species occurs on inshore rocky reefs. Larvae are usually found in seagrass beds

    Animal Species:Grey Morwong
    Size range:The species grows to 81 cm in length.
    Habitat:It is usually seen by divers over sand near rocky reefs.
    blue morwong 509-6_big.jpg

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    Animal Species:Lyretail Hawkfish
    Size range:The species grows to 15 cm in length.
    Habitat: Most Australian species of hawkfishes are usually seen on the bottom.
    The Lyretail Hawkfish is atypical because it is often seen well off the bottom.

    Image: Silverside Weedfish
    A Silverside Weedfish at a depth of 3 m,

    Animal Species:Crested Weedfish
    Size range: The Crested Weedfish grows to 18 cm in length.
    weedfish museum_big.jpg

    Animal Species:Striped Gudgeon
    Size range: The Striped Gudgeon grows to 22 cm in length but is more commonly seen up to 12 cm long.
    Habitat The species is mostly found in slow-flowing, often muddy water streams.

    Animal Species:Cox's Gudgeon
    Size range:The species grows to 19 cm in length but is more commonly seen up to 15 cm.
    Habitat The species is found in coastal freshwaters and inland up to about 700 m altitude.

    Animal Species:Empire Gudgeon
    Size range: The species grows to about 12 cm in length.

    Image: Common Shore Eels
    Common Shore Eels caught in a rock pool near Clydes Island, Eaglehawk Neck,

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    Blue-spot Goby
    A Blue-spot Goby in Wallaga Lake, southern New South Wales.
    pseudogobius sp 9_big.jpg

    Animal Species:Threadfin Emperor
    Size range:The species grows to about 25 cm in length.
    Habitat:It lives in sandy or rocky areas and in seagrass beds. The species is known from estuarine and inshore areas.

    Animal Species:Tommyfish
    Size range:The Tommyfish grows to 6 cm in length.
    Habitat:It is usually found on sandy or gravely substrates near rocky reefs.

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    Image: False Fusilier
    A False Fusilier caught on hook and line off Laurieton

    Dot-and-dash Goatfish
    Size range:The species grows to 50 cm in length.
    Habitat:The Dot-and-dash Goatfish inhabits lagoons and seaward reefs and is most commonly seen over large sandy and rubbly areas
    dashdot goatfish 503-7a_big.jpg

    Diamondscale Goatfish
    A Diamondscale Goatfish at a depth of 8 m, North West Solitary Island,

    Animal Species:Common Pike Eel
    Size range: The Common Pike Eel grows to about 1.8 m in length.
    Habitat:The species occurs in soft-bottomed estuaries and coastal waters down to about 100 m in depth.

    Animal Species:Scissortail
    Size range:This species grows to 80cm in length.

    Animal Species:Halfband Snake Eel
    Size range:The grows to about 53 cm in length.
    Habitat:It is a burrowing species that is found on soft substrates in continental shelf and inshore waters.

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    Southern Grubfish
    A Southern Grubfish eating a crab at a depth of 1 m - 2 m,
    in the lagoon at Lady Elliot Island, southern Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

    Animal Species:Whitestreak Grubfish
    Habitat: The species is found on coral and rocky reefs, often on rubbly or sandy seabeds.
    white-streaked grubfish459-.jpg

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    Paddlefish Missouri
    The paddlefish (Polyodon spathulaas)

    Comet Goldfish
    Scientific Name
    Carassius auratus species

    Golden Dojo Loach

    Silver Lyretail Molly
    Columbia: Moderately decorated with rocks, live plants and driftwood.

    Spotted African Leaf Fish
    Leaf Fish are carnivorous and eat aquatic crustaceans, worms, insect larvae and small fish, instead of plants.
    They will hide most of the time and need plenty of cover areas such as hardy plants and bogwood.


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