[B]Popular Name: Plati, Platy, Plati Arrowhead, Xiphophorus maculatus

Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize
Sociability: Harem, groups

Behavior: They are peaceful and live in groups, it is always recommended to keep at least two females for each male - three or four being the ideal number.

Scientific Name: Etroplus maculatus

Origin: Asia. India and Sri Lanka.
Sociability: Alone, harem

Peaceful fish with the same species and others. Pretty peaceful species that can be kept in a community aquarium, even with small fish. Although they form couples, they appreciate the presence of other individuals of the same species as long as the aquarium is large enough to hold them.

Scientific name: Tropheus Moori Red Moliro

Origin: Africa / Lake Tanganyika
Sociability: Alone / Groups
It is aggressive like most African cichlids, but its aggressiveness is more restricted to males of the same species and other fish of similar patterns and colors. Avoid keeping more than one species of fish of similar coloration in the same aquarium, this helps to decrease the fights. Choose only one blue species, one red, one yellow, etc. Keep only one male specimen per species!