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    Gymnothorax polyuranodon, Freshwater moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Freshwater,

    Distribution: Indo-Pacific: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Borneo, New Guinea, Philippines and Fiji. Reported from Palau.

    Max length : 150 cm.

    Gymnothorax phasmatodes, Ghost moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Tropical.

    Max length : 46.0 cm.

    Biology: Nocturnal, feeds on small reef organisms.

    Snowflake-patched moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Subtropical.

    Distribution: Northwest Pacific: Taiwan, including the Pescadore Islands (=Penghu).

    Max length : 75.7 cm.

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    Gymnothorax moluccensis, Moluccan moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical.

    Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea, Yemen, Thailand, Indonesia, and Coral Sea. Reported from Christmas Island (Indian Ocean).

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 45.0 cm.

    Biology: Secretive in coastal reefs and usually only seen out at night.

    Lipspot moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical.

    Distribution: Indo-Pacific: South Africa and Oman to the Hawaiian and Society islands, north to the Ryukyu and Ogasawara islands, south to northern Australia and the Loyalty Islands.

    Max length : 50.5 cm.

    Biology; Occurs in shallow coastal reef flats, usually found in less than 5 m water depth, but ranges to deep water rubble reefs.

    Castle's moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical; 32°N - 26°S, 90°E - 174°W.

    Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: Philippines, Indonesia, and on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

    Max length : 22.9 cm.

    Minimum depth from Ref. 58018. Secretive in reef crevices, not usually seen in the open.

    Dark moray

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical.

    Eastern Atlantic: Mauritania to Cape Frio, Namibia.

    Max length : 100.0 cm.

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    Greenwoodochromis christyi

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical; 6°S - 9°S, Freshwater.

    Distribution: Africa: Endemic to Lake Tanganyika. Occurs in the southern part of the lake.

    Max length : 15.0 cm.

    Biology: Occurs in rather deep, open waters.

    Grammonus yunokawai

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range ? - 20 m.

    Distribution: Northwest Pacific: Japan.

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 9.8 cm.

    Biology : Known only from one female specimen with ovaries containing eggs up to about 0.5 mm in diameter and apparently with no embryos. It was caught by hand in the back of the cave in absolute darkness. The head and lateral line pore systems are well developed, also the sensory papillae on the head and body, indicating adaptation to the lightless environment Also observed and caught were a shrimp Parhippolyte misticia and the fishes Pseudamia hayashiiand Apogon evermanni.

    Grammonus thielei

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical; 21°C - 25°C, Marine.

    Distribution: Western Pacific: Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Max length : 18.0 cm .

    Biology: Observed in limestone caves and sinkholes which are probably connected at depths between 2 and 30 meters; often in lightless chambers without current, few are found at the entrance of caves where they hide beneath rock ledges. No reaction to torchlight was shown and escape distance was only about 2 centimeters; mostly were seen motionless, with only a slight movement of the fins maintaining the fishes' position.
    Grthi_u1.jpg Grthi_u2.jpg

    Purple brotula, Grammonus diagrammus

    Environment / Climate / Range: Subtropical, depth range 6 - 18 m.

    Distribution: Eastern Pacific: San Clemente Island in south California, USA to Panama and the Galapagos Islands.

    Max length : 20.3 cm .

    Biology: Inhabits rocky areas of shallow waters. Hides in dark caverns and crevices during the day, active at night . Gives birth to live young.

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    Grallenia baliensis, Bali goby

    Environment / Climate / Range: depth range 5 - 15 m, Tropical.

    Distribution; Western Pacific: Indonesia.

    Max length : 1.5 cm.

    Inhabits sand and rubble bottoms in 5-15 m.

    Flat-tail mullet

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, freshwater, Temperate; 15°S - 40°S, 110°E - 155°E.

    Distribution: Indo-West Pacific: southern Australia, from Geraldton, Western Australia to Cooktown, Queensland.

    Max length : 45.0 cm .

    Gorogobius stevcici

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical.

    Distribution: Eastern Central Atlantic: São Tomé Islands, Gulf of Guinea.

    Max length : 3.3 cm.

    Green birdmouth wrasse

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical, depth range 1 - 35 m .

    Distribution: Indian Ocean: East Africa south to Natal, South Africa.

    Max length : 32.0 cm.

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    Paleback goby

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical; - 9°N.

    Distribution: Western Atlantic: southern Florida in USA and Bahamas to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Max length : 15.0 cm.

    Cryptic, benthic and found on sandy bottoms near rocks or corals.

    Two-spotted goby

    Environment / Climate / Range: Temperate; 71°N - 35°N, 10°W - 28°E, Marine.

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 6.0 cm.

    Black goby

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 1 - 96 m , emperate; 8°C - 24°C.

    Distribution: Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea: throughout North Africa from Cape Blanc, Mauritania north and eastwards to the Suez Canal; also along the eastern Atlantic coast northwards to Trondheim (Norway) and Baltic Sea. Also known from the Black Sea.

    Length at first maturity / Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 18.0 cm.

    Gobius kolombatovici

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 15 - 90 m .

    Distribution: Mediterranean Sea: northern Adriatic Sea.

    Max length : 9.2 cm.

    Biology: Gobius kolombatovici is a bottom-dwelling and secretive species, observed at depths of 15-38 m. It was found to inhabit localities with a combination of soft sediment and rock. Common fish in the same habitat are epibenthic Gobius vittatus, Parablennius rouxi, Thorogobius macrolepis and hyper-benthic Coris julis, Chromis chromis and Serranus hepatus.

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    Glossolepis incisus , Red rainbowfish

    Environment / Climate / Range: Freshwater, Tropical; 29°C - 30°C .

    Distribution: Asia: Endemic to Lake Sentani in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

    Length at first maturity / Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 12.0 cm.

    Biology: Adults inhabit a lake in a hilly area of about 75 m elevation. Aquarium keeping: in groups of 5 or more individuals; minimum aquarium size 100 cm.
    Glinc_u1.jpg milleniumred_rainbow.jpg

    Glossogobius olivaceus

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Freshwater.

    Distribution; Northwest Pacific: Japan, China, and Taiwan. Recorded from South Sakhalin, Russia.

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 17.0 cm.

    Glossogobius giuris, Tank goby

    Environment / Climate / Range; depth range 0 - 5 m, Freshwater, Tropical; 25°C - ?.

    Distribution: Africa to Oceania: Red Sea and East Africa and most inland freshwater bodies over the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. Common in coastal and estuarine waters from austral Africa and Madagascar to India and south of China.

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 50.0 cm.

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    Golden tank goby

    Environment / Climate / Range; Freshwater, Tropical; 32°N - 19°S.

    Distribution: Africa: South Africa. Asia and Oceania: Japan to Australia; Mekong and Chao Phraya basins.

    Max length : 25.0 cm .

    Mouth almighty

    Environment / Climate / Range: Freshwater, Tropical; 23°C - 25°C.

    Distribution; Asia and Oceania: New Guinea and Australia.

    Max length : 18.0 cm .

    Glenoglossa wassi, Angler snake eel

    Environment / Climate / Range: Tropical.

    Distribution; Pacific Ocean: American Samoa and Philippines.

    Max length : 15.0 cm.

    Thouin ray

    Ambiente / Clima / Intervalo: Tropical.

    Distribuição: Indo-West Pacific: Red Sea to New Guinea, north to Japan. Australian and old records from the Mediterranean Sea and Suriname need confirmation.

    Max length : 300 cm.

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    Lycodes mcallisteri, McAllister's eelpout

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Deep-Water 70°N - 63°N.

    Distribution: Northwest Atlantic: Baffin Bay to Hudson Strait, Canada.

    Max length : 37.5 cm.

    Benthic; feeds on fishes.

    Lycodes lavalaei, Newfoundland eelpout

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 57 - 535 m.

    Distribution: Northwest Atlantic: Canada.

    Max length : 56.0 cm.
    copyright_load_img.jpg Lylav_u0.jpg

    Greater eelpout

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, depth range 251 - 1090 m , Deep-Water.

    Distribution: western Barents Sea to southern Norway, the Faeroes-Shetlands and northern Iceland.

    Max length : 75.0 cm .

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    Checkered wolf eel

    Environment / Climate / Range: Deep-water; -1°C - 4°C, Marine.

    Distribution: Arctic, Northwest to Northeast Atlantic: north of Novaya Zemlya and northern part of Kara Sea;

    Max length : 23.2 cm .

    Lycenchelys fedorovi

    Environment / Climate / Range: Marine, Deep-Water.

    Distribution: Northwest Pacific: known only from a bank east of Krusenstern Strait, Kuril Islands.

    Max length : 42.0 cm.

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    Platina Super Red Asian Arowana



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