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    Albino Marmalade Cat (Maylandia mbenjii)

    Found in large schools over wave exposed rocky areas of Mbenji Island
    They feed on algae and plankton. A freshwater fish often seen in the aquarium trade.
    Length - 12.5cm
    Depth - ?m

    Almaco Jack (Seriola rivoliana)

    Found in small schools when it visits reefs or deep lagoons, otherwise on outer reefs.
    They feed on other fish and sometimes large zooplankton creatures.
    Length - 90cm
    Depth - 5-160m
    Widespread Circumtropical.

    Asian Bonytongue (Scleropages formosus)

    Found in fresh peaty waters of forest covered streams.
    They feed on fish and invertebrates.
    Length - 90cm
    Depth - ?m
    Widespread Asia.

    Australian Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia apama)

    Found singly on rocky coral reefs and seagrass beds.
    Colour changes to match surroundings.
    They feed on fish and crustaceans.
    Length - 60cm
    Depth - 2-35m
    Widespread Australia.

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    Speckled shrimpfish

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 15.0 cm .
    Climate / Range: Tropical.
    Western Indian Ocean: Red Sea and Kenya to Algoa Bay, South Africa.
    Found in small groups near or among long-spined sea urchins and branching corals. Feeds on planktonic crustaceans.
    Aepun_u0.jpg 058068F000436W000005.jpg

    Gilbert's halosaurid fish

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 55.0 cm.
    Climate / Range: Deep-water.
    Circumglobal, tropical to temperate. Atlantic and Indo-Pacific, except Mediterranean.
    Occurs on the middle and lower slope primarily above the 4°C isotherm. Hovers within a few meters of substrate, parallel to it or inclined at varying angles.
    Alaff_u0.jpg Alaff_u0.jpg

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    Indonesian shortfin eel

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 123 cm.
    Tropical; 22°N - 27°S
    Migratory species which breeds in the ocean.
    Anbic_u1.jpg Anbic_u2.jpg

    New Guinean frogfish

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 14.0 cm.
    Tropical; 30°N - 20°S.
    Found in intertidal reef flats. Oviparous. Eggs are bound in ribbon-like sheath or mass of gelatinous mucus called 'egg raft' or 'veil'.

    Small toothed jobfish

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 70.0 cm.
    Indo-Pacific: East Africa to the Hawaiian Islands, north to southern Japan, south to Australia. Reported from Cocos Island in the eastern Pacific.
    Adults inhabit inshore coral and rocky reefs and in clear waters of lagoons.

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    East coast flounder

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 19.0 cm.
    Feeds on bottom-living animals.

    Atrophacanthus japonicus

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 4.4 cm.
    Indo-West Pacific: Japan, the Philippines, Celebes Sea, off Tanzania, and probably in South Africa.

    Kai Island deepwater dragonet
    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 16.0 cm.
    Indo-West Pacific: Zanzibar. to southern Japan, East China Sea, and the Banda Sea.
    Found on the shelf edge.

    Skinnycheek lanternfish

    Size / Weight / Age: Max length : 7.0 cm.
    Indo-West Pacific: From about 25°S off Mozambique to the Gulf of Oman, east to the Bay of Bengal, Indonesia and western Australia, and north to Japan. Southeast Atlantic: Larvae were present in cruise collections off the eastern coast of South Africa, however, adults have not been reported in this area.

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    Preistoric fish :


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