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    New fish thread!

    FISHAO is always looking for new exciting fish to release in the game! And you can help us!

    Post images over here including the scientific names, and add if its a salt- or freshwater fish.

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    here is humphead wrasse idk it is freshwater or salt water fish
    here is its photoUntitled.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by prashant View Post
    here is humphead wrasse idk it is freshwater or salt water fish
    here is its photoUntitled.jpg
    It's salt water fish, the world record = 2.3 Meter 506px-Napoleon_fish,_Blue_Corner,_Palau.jpg

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    Moon wrasse
    This species can reach 45 cm
    Moon wrasses may live up to a decade in captivity, although this is shorter in the wild. They are popular fish in the aquarium trade, due to their hardiness, bright colors, and engaging behavior. They are renowned for their ability to tolerate spikes in nitrate, and eat bristle worms, a fish keeper's pest

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    Asian Redtail Catfish - This species can reach to 1.5 Meter
    Diet: Fish, Insects.

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    Big Head Carp -This species can reach to 0.5 Meter
    Diet: Vegitation, Plankton, Insects Angler's Baits.

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    Pacu - this species can reach to 1.5 Meter

    Diet: Fruit, nuts, insects, shrimp, maze, bread, fruit boilie and pop ups, occasionally fish.

    Pink dart goby - 5 star fish for aqua wi061a.jpg
    Pink dart goby is a deep and very rare species only known from south JAPAN
    The size of this fish is about 4cm,
    Diet : dough
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    Salt-water fish: Roosterfish can reach over 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in) in length and over 50 kg (110 lb) in weight.The fish is popular as a game fish, but it is not considered a good eating fish. However it is exploited as a local fish and found fresh in markets.
    Diet: lure and fish

    Freshwater fish: Polypterus senegalus, also known as "dinosaur eel" grows to about 80 cm (20 in) in the wild
    Diet: small fish, insects, crustaceans and frogs. Since they are nocturnal they will feed mainly at night.
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    Walking catfish can grow up to 75 cm
    Diet: dough, fish, vegetal, meat and dough. 06.jpg

    Giant amazon catfish can grow up 400 cm
    Diet: fish amazonie004-160x106.jpg
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