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    Gasterosteus aculeatus

    Three-spined stickleback
    Marine; freshwater, Circumarctic and temperate regions: Extending south to the Black Sea, southern Italy, Iberian Peninsula, North Africa; in Eastern Asia north of Japan (35°N), in North America north of 30-32°N; Greenland. Max length : 11.0 cm
    Adults occur in fresh waters, estuaries and coastal seas

    Hector's clingfish
    Marine; demersal; depth range 0 - 10 m
    Southwest Pacific: endemic to New Zealand.
    Max length : 6.4 cm, Commonly amongst brown algae (Cystophora) in rock pools at the low tide level and subtidal areas. Sometimes found on seaweed exposed at low tide. Swims towards cover and positions itself like drifting algae (heads up tail down position, sculling with the pectoral fins) when disturbed.

    Shrimp flounder
    Subtropical, Maturity: Lm ? range ? - ? cm
    Max length : 25.0 cm Occurs in bays, lagoons and shallow coastal waters.

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    Gavialiceps arabicus

    Marine; bathydemersal; depth range 380 - 497 m . Deep-water
    Max length : 84.0 cm, Western Indian Ocean: Gulf of Aden, southeastern Arabian Sea from Socotra, Yemen to Maldives.

    Gavialiceps taeniola
    Deep-water, Marine
    Indian Ocean: Arabian Sea, Oman, and Bay of Bengal.
    Max length : 64.7 cm

    Snake mackerel
    Deep-water; marine, Max length : 100.0 cm
    Adults migrate to the surface at night while larvae and juveniles are found near the surface during the day

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    Barbourisia rufa

    Redvelvet Whalefish (rare)
    Size: Maximum size 39 cm SL : Feeding: Carnivore - thought to feed on crustacean.
    Mesopelagic, bathypelagic and bathydemersal in tropical to temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans from >60°N to 45°S. If you're thinking that a bright red fish would really stand out in the deep sea, think again. Visible light with long wavelengths, such as red, are absorbed by water and do not penetrate far below the surface.

    Gobiobotia homalopteroidea
    Freshwater; benthopelagic. Subtropical
    Asia: Yellow River in China.Max length : 10.0 cm

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    Gobioides broussonnetii

    Violet goby
    Marine; freshwater. Max length : 55.3 cm
    Adults prefer muddy bays and estuaries; encountered in fresh water


    Two-lined coralgoby
    Marine; reef-associated. Tropical
    Max length : 3.6 cm , Usually occupies the reef slope and fore reef areas and often in large colonies of Acropora samoensis but also present in Acropora secale and A. gemmifera in northern Red Sea.
    Gobil_m0 (1).jpg

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    Hypselobarbus micropogon

    Korhi barb
    Freshwater; benthopelagic; potamodromous; Tropical
    Asia: headwaters of Cauvery in Nilgiri, Wynaad and Karnataka in India
    Max length : 90.0 cm, Inhabits deeper part of large streams and rivers along the base of the ghats. Has been introduced into reservoirs and lakes in peninsular India. Prefers rocky streams and fast flowing rivers. Feeds on debris and plant matter.

    Western carp gudgeon
    Freshwater; demersal; potamodromous.Subtropical; 10°C - 30°C
    Max length : 6.5 cm, Normally lives around littoral vegetation and ca be found in dams, lakes and canals as well as streams.

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    Icelus canaliculatus

    Blacknose sculpin
    marinhas demersal, North Pacific: Hokkaido, Japan and Navarin Canyon in the Bering Sea to the Aleutian chain and the Gulf of Alaska.Max length : 21.1 cm

    Icichthys lockingtoni
    Marine; pelagic-oceanic; depth range 0 - 900 m Subtropical; 60°N -
    Max length : 46.0 cm, Found near surface and to at least 91 m depth

    Marine; bathypelagic; depth range 0 - 1420 m usually 18 - 732 m Deep-water; 66°N - 32°N
    Max length : 213 cmNorth Pacific: Japan to southeastern Alaska and to Point Loma, southern California, USA.
    Adults occur near bottom; juveniles in shallow water or offshore near the surface.

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    Ictalurus lupus

    Headwater catfish
    Freshwater; demersal. Subtropical; 32°N - 26°N
    Max length : 48.0 cm
    Inhabits sandy and rocky riffles, runs and pools of clear creeks and small rivers and also springs. Greatly resembles a small channel catfish, however, body lacks spots and the caudal fin is not deeply forked, the base of the anal fin is longer than the head length.

    Usumacinta buffalo
    Freshwater; demersal. Tropical (Central America: southern Mexico and Guatemala.)
    Weight of 8,405 grams reported for a specimen caught in Misicab Island, Tabasco, Mexico (E.Perusquia as pers. comm., 02/05).

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    You are doing a tremendous job Leo.
    By finding all of this fishes AND the facts about them.
    Ill hope all people who visits the fishao forum go trough at least some of the fishes and facts that you have posted.

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    Sydney's pygmy pipehorse

    sydney's pygmy pipehorse
    Subtropical, Southwestern Pacific: known from the Sydney region (Clovelly, Cronulla and Botany Bay) and Jervis Bay.
    Max length : 5.5 cm, Found in semi-exposed rocky reefs, sparsely covered with bushy red-algae in which the species is extremely well camouflaged.

    Skipjack tuna
    Tropical; Max length : 110 cm
    Found in offshore waters; larvae restricted to waters with surface temperatures of 15°C to 30°C

    Japanese deepwater clingfish
    Deep-water, marine
    Max length : 3.0 cm, Northwest Pacific: East China Sea, Japan
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    Thank you I'll be getting back to you soon!


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