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    New NPC: Nutty Scientist

    I have had a fun idea in my head for a while. It's about adding an NPC who is one of those fun "Nutty" scientists. He could have a little laboratory where you could visit him and buy things from him. Like unique gadgets, trinkets, special bait that attract fish through some chemical formula added to it, special goggles that for a short time lets you see how "hot" a hotspot it... etc. Perhaps you would unlock more things to buy from him as you get to higher levels(much in the same way as the shop works now). Maybe even eventually some type of special high-tech/experiemental rod when you get a really high level.

    And this guy could have some really funny and random dialogues/comments also =)

    I have many ideas of gadgets and special items this guy could have, but I will leave these ideas here in the meanwhile =)

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    I like your idea too... i have many ideas for making more fun the game, but i dont know how to put into words ahahaha..... but i really love ur idea..

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    Nice idea, also we can add A Mermaid NPC in the Beach, and A Pirate NPC at Seagull Harbor. They will give underwater treasures to us.

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    Nice idea Salty, I like it
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    Don't forget to add a cat (perhaps black cat with green eyes) in the laboratory
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    This is one of the best ideas I've seen. There could be a special island where he resides with black clouds hanging over it, a secret way to access it, etc. Perhaps the boat on the lucky raft will take you to the special island where you can talk to this person in his laboratory to upgrade potions, gadgets, rods, etc with special attributes, maybe even purchase upgrades for the Fishao rod perhaps even bait with fish attractants, etc. Maybe he will also be able to combine potions like LP1 + LP 2 to get double chance on all fish with one potion only, etc. Of course there would be special fish at his island pond to catch, some that require special augmented potions/bait/etc. to be able to catch.

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    Cool ideas the scientist really helps us with playing

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    I thought the idea was great: D

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    OMG! , This is ..... BRILLIANT Idea Salty I hope It Takes Place In game


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